Tell me

mostly we dont think about it

its crazy we never doubt it

but I got the feeling we have been so far

look out a way to find it

think of the time rewind it

when we were never been the way we are


although you know that you been in corner of my mind

what so I got this feeling that I cant deny

i know you are there feeling the same

i know your beat pops up when you hear my name


Tell me that you like me Tell me you feel the rush

Tell me that you love me or feel like another crush

Tell me that you feel like my stuff running in your mind

Tell me that you feel like that we are one of the kind


its true that we gone so deep

time you just close you fall asleep

my face always glitter in your eyes

hey im just left with no choice

feel alive when when i think of your voice

i try to catch my breath when it rise


although we talk each other on the phone so long

what so take a hint I know it seems like a love song

if I know you these my words makes you shiver for a while

you know I would write all just to see you smile


Tell me that you want me on your happiness n sorrow

Tell me that you need me today and tomorrow

Tell me that you hold me close like a feather

Tell me that you be with me now and forever


coz I believe that I have found it

your my sparkle I wanna be surrounded

just the thing is you got me stuck

and this thing m feeling

you’re my reason for living

just the thing is you’re my sweetest drug


although all I remember is your face

what so I dont wanna get out of haze

i know if this single side it take me no where

i can cross the boulevard if you are here


Tell me that you miss me when m not around

Tell me that you hope its me when you get a sound

Tell me that you hope me the time your phone rings up

Tell me that you need my shoulder when you feel rough


Fall again

hey there you are in your perfect way

like a sunlight a morning ray

the way you hold me close you bring me down to knees

when u bid ua hand in my hairs like a smooth breze 



i feel you make me feel like i’m feeling your breath in my vain

you make me fall again



the way i tease you with my words you call me rile

i love it while scolding me i catch your smile

and when we share all crazy stuff in the end

i feel you on my skin when you cling my hand



when the moon climbs up i think about you when the light touches my window pane 

you make me fall again



the time you dont talk to me or say the same

my heart breaks a little even its joke or the game

when the sun sets down it lights the sky

i hope you whysking out some where i close my eyes n feel you blow passing by 




girl you feel like a spark to my heart blow to my clouds nyer to my rain 

you make me fall again



do you ever think why i come youn

ever wanna let you go by everything i do

maybe you are essiential to me you feel like the air i breathe 

i dunno what i was before you but without you i have no reason to be



i feel like saying my word for you but some how my mind refrain

you make me fall again 

Do you love me

My beat says m alive but I don’t feel like breathing

Try convincing myself the things that I don’t believe in

I don’t know how far it will go

To get in the world and hope so

I know m not the only one you got

But you’re only one who creeps whole day in my thought

I don’t know what would take me there

To get you close and hold you near

Am I afraid to show you or just wanna hide?

But there’s a voice that asks me inside



Do you love me , or its just m saying to myself?

Do you love me, or m finding some way that can help?

Do you love me, or treating like everyone else?

Do you really love me , or I should stop me by the quells ?



You say you are right , I was wrong ,even when I was fact side I said that you are right

Keep it in my heart let you win don’t wanna see beginning point of the fight

 I cant say what you really feel for me

But even the thought of seeing you with someone else put me in a misery

 There’s a riot deep inside my chest feels like burning hot

But this assumption in my heart wont let it explode



Do you love me, or keeping me in a zone?

Do you love me, or m crazy wildly checking my phone?

Do you love me, or I should’ve left my feeling where it started?

Do you really love me, or again I will be lying on the corner brokenhearted?


Be my light to guide me through the dark or just throw me on another end

Try to show me light of other side , care for me or just pretend

Even little one of you seems a lot to me 

If you keeping me specter close me eyes I don’t wanna see



Do you love me, or m in middle of nowhere?

Do you love me, or I keep on giving false hope of you to be here?

Do you love me, or m the fool in the crowd?

Do you really love me , or m stupidly loving u my beat out 


You make running on the empty streets make me out of mind
Make me believe every that you are one of kind
All i ever wanted was just baby you and I
All i wanted was the world go around and paralyze
When i call you beautiful your blush makes me die
Single smile cant change the world but yours changes my

So i can be your money you can be cash
I can be your Vogue and you can be my class
I can be your victim you can be my case
I can be marijuana and you can be my hash

And you make me rush
Towards you , oh baby when you blush
M screaming im Love you make me hush
M in love or another crush

You make me dialling your number but i erase it all the way
Make me say my heart heart out loud but i choose to stay
All i want is to make a wish on shooting star
With you on my side and won’t be this far
When we talk on the phone on long but still so much left to say
When i write two line for you it takes your heart away

So i can be your word and you can be my rhyme.
I can be your sin and you can be my crime
I can be your wind and yoy can be my chime
I can be your love moment you can be my time

And you make me rush
Towards you , oh baby when you blush
M screaming im Love you make me hush
M in love or another crush



he was searching her photographs 
cant stay no more looking for laughs
he know he never ever feels that fine
some thing behind the story line 



he knows what she means to be
at the last end he just tryna see
some scare so deep they cant leave that kind
some thing behind the story line



keeps on catching your sobbing breath
lost behind the broken beat
lost the one whom you thought divine 
some thing behind the story line



finding how the time gonna crash
given his heart n she tossed in a trash
keeps on collecting the broken pieces whats need of the trying
some thing behind the story line



now alone in the lonely place 
stuck in the thoughts stuck in the haze
sitting in the corner with the bottle wine
some thing behind the story line



now its the way cant stay
all the heart its flowing away
Lost everything once he called was mine
Something behind the story line



and the world just starts feeling rough
pumping got cloting up breathing..that’s tough
feeling so dark in the bright sunshine
ome thing behind the story line



he just keeps on thinking of you
even the time if his breath left few
catch bullet straight through his mind
some thing behind the story line

If you don’t Care don’t pretend

I’ll pretend , that you didnt took me as something little more than friend

I’ll pretend , that we were enough to break the ice and make it till the end

I’ll pretend , that we never been that close

I’ll pretend , that we were same as it goes

we were same as two banks and together but still blank

and it is nothing as im dreaming

I’m holding up your wrist and holding up our time in fist

and stopping you from leaving


You won’t even listen so fuck it , m leaving up your hand

But if you don’t care just don’t pretend


I’ll pretend , that everytime you sat beside me you never got a feel

I’ll pretend , that your  boyfriend  stories were the chance to take a heal

I’ll pretend , that things I did every friend will do

I’ll pretend , that what I feel for you that you never knew

And every night you didn’t sent me kisses from the heart , when I held you still we were apart

. you still took heart out of my chest

And every time scolded me up , on the time that still feels rough ,

we weren’t two birds that flocked together on the nest


You cant feel it as I do , I understand

But if you don’t care don’t pretend 

My dear

My dear ,
Take my words one day in my hand your fingers will fit
And i will make this place worth of you
My dear ,
Take my words one day i will kiss you and you will like it
Few times to wait …wait till we get through

Take my heart one day when we will be there looking at the stars and stuck
One day… one day i will be chaos to your dreams
And you will be poison to me , my sweetest drug
One day i will be holding you from the back it will me more crazy then it seems

You will feel my breathe on you neck my palm on your shoulder
The day when you will search for you name in my rhymes and will find it
I will keep my fingers and lift your hairs
One day we will be laying on the ground look to our life and rewind it

A kiss beneath your ears and I will shiver you for a while
Stare your eyes glowing up when ill be in front of you with bunch of flower
I will sing our song hold your palm and catch you smile
Be there at the corner of your home drenched in your love shower

Till then i will be right here waiting for the day
Waiting for the time when i will kiss you
Till then i will be laying on my bed thinking of you night and day
Till then i will be picking up your memories i will miss you