If you don’t Care don’t pretend

I’ll pretend , that you didnt took me as something little more than friend

I’ll pretend , that we were enough to break the ice and make it till the end

I’ll pretend , that we never been that close

I’ll pretend , that we were same as it goes

we were same as two banks and together but still blank

and it is nothing as im dreaming

I’m holding up your wrist and holding up our time in fist

and stopping you from leaving


You won’t even listen so fuck it , m leaving up your hand

But if you don’t care just don’t pretend


I’ll pretend , that everytime you sat beside me you never got a feel

I’ll pretend , that your  boyfriend  stories were the chance to take a heal

I’ll pretend , that things I did every friend will do

I’ll pretend , that what I feel for you that you never knew

And every night you didn’t sent me kisses from the heart , when I held you still we were apart

. you still took heart out of my chest

And every time scolded me up , on the time that still feels rough ,

we weren’t two birds that flocked together on the nest


You cant feel it as I do , I understand

But if you don’t care don’t pretend 


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