Tell me

mostly we dont think about it

its crazy we never doubt it

but I got the feeling we have been so far

look out a way to find it

think of the time rewind it

when we were never been the way we are


although you know that you been in corner of my mind

what so I got this feeling that I cant deny

i know you are there feeling the same

i know your beat pops up when you hear my name


Tell me that you like me Tell me you feel the rush

Tell me that you love me or feel like another crush

Tell me that you feel like my stuff running in your mind

Tell me that you feel like that we are one of the kind


its true that we gone so deep

time you just close you fall asleep

my face always glitter in your eyes

hey im just left with no choice

feel alive when when i think of your voice

i try to catch my breath when it rise


although we talk each other on the phone so long

what so take a hint I know it seems like a love song

if I know you these my words makes you shiver for a while

you know I would write all just to see you smile


Tell me that you want me on your happiness n sorrow

Tell me that you need me today and tomorrow

Tell me that you hold me close like a feather

Tell me that you be with me now and forever


coz I believe that I have found it

your my sparkle I wanna be surrounded

just the thing is you got me stuck

and this thing m feeling

you’re my reason for living

just the thing is you’re my sweetest drug


although all I remember is your face

what so I dont wanna get out of haze

i know if this single side it take me no where

i can cross the boulevard if you are here


Tell me that you miss me when m not around

Tell me that you hope its me when you get a sound

Tell me that you hope me the time your phone rings up

Tell me that you need my shoulder when you feel rough


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