Right here

Those thing we dont talk about it
Our feels we rather doubt it
Look in my eyes
You’ll find a new surprise
You’re my one the shooting star
I wish you wherever you are
You my only sky
M flying by

So if one day you wake up out of your bed
You wont check your to-do list but you missing me insted
You sitting in corner thinking time that we had
I will be righ here waiting for you just like I said

Some thing we dont talk about it
I searched and I found
Come take my hand
I dont pretend
You my one and everything
The reason i can blink
Just believe me bae
Everything i say

So if one day you wake up  and thinking of me
You fine my old memory everywhere you see
Your man cant be everything i can be
I will be right here waiting for you stooping on my knees

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I will be there

Do you have a clue what you do to me
When you look into my eyes what you see
When you come this close what you touch my skin
Do you feel my heat inside your hand like its going in

Please dont resend me if i act crazily
I get up at the night and look for you hazily
Do feel at the some point that you need someone to see
I will be waiting for you at the corner of the street

If one day you wake up my thoughts on you take up get out of your rack up no need of that make up
see that imma rolling stone i dont deserve this habit you need smile on that face you need to carry
You make me be inside a emotional dome will be waiting for you in the combe i ll take make you every thing except Cologne
it poisions stops your riseons take your nice on keep me fine as hell like instagram on your iphone
Take my words take my saying take that some ….im gonna make this place your home

Do you think of me like i think of you
Do you hold your breathe when you touch me like i do
I know i get you in the trouble sometimes you call me rile
But believe my heart it smiles bit long when i see you smile

Please dont resend me when i call you at dark
Your voice that moment makes me loony you create that spark
Whensoever you feel like you want me to be something i will be
I will be there waiting for you at the corner of the street


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I love it

I LOVE IT when i see you walking through the door
I LOVE IT coz the time i see you my heart pumps up more
I LOVE way you tease me
I LOVE IT when you come innocently n please me 
I LOVE the way you Looney groove
I LOVE the way you talk the way you move
I LOVE the way you stay with me
I LOVE IT because you are the only one no one else can rather be 
I LOVE IT when at the end of the  chat you cutely say bye 
That time m on cloud 9 n my heart fly high 
I LOVE IT when you cry after our stupid fight
I LOVE IT coz that time you hug me most tight 
I LOVE all crazy things , every time you do
I LOVE them all coz I LOVE YOU

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I cant love her

{shez too beautifull ,but “I CANT LOVE HER”
i wanna be with her, but “I CANT LOVE HER”}
There’s something in her,that every time i try to leave her behind
my heart falls n she comes across my mind
shes just too cute i think bout her each minute  each hour of my day
i donno who she is she takes my breathe away
 i always think bout her blue eyes and hair thats so hazy
There’s some spark in her that makes me go crazy
{m just lost in her dreams n everything is blur
but there’s something inside says “I CANT LOVE HER”}
shes much more beautiful den anyone can see
just so awesome no one else can rather be
i don’t know what’s in her thatt i wanna make her mine 
i dont know how to do dat but i got the sign 
im stuck to her she just so nice
everything left behind,but i think i remember her eyes
{my heart says im in love and i wanna show her
but my answer is damn same “I CANT LOVE HER” }

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Half of me

when you look your name in my eyes life rolling like dice
when you dream in the cries have a name on heart
I cross my heart and hope to die take my words I don’t lie
M really going like a psy you in my veins like a dart
I will be your cup that flow up you be my bottle beer
I ll be your opposite pole you force to pull me near
I will be your raised goosebumps you be my things I fear
I will be your full base speaker you be my sound I hear
I will be your jar of honey you be my buzzing bee
I will wrap you fully you be another half of me

When you flip up your hair you on my mind everything unclear
I just wanna see you near tell me what to do
I just cant take a look eyes hung on you on a hook
Oh what a breathe you took  maybe its our virtue
I will be your I don’t care you be my things that matters
I will be your broken pieces you be my thing that shatters
I will be your false report you be my changing weather
I will be your cold breeze you be my v neck sweater
I will be your dust in eye you will be my thing I see
I will wrap you fully you be another half of me


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Fall again

hey there you are in your perfect way
like a sunlight a morning ray
the way you hold me close you bring me down to knees
when u bid ua hand in my hairs like a smooth breze

i feel you make me feel like i’m feeling your breath in my vain
you make me fall again

the way i tease you with my words you call me rile
i love it while scolding me i catch your smile
and when we share all crazy stuff in the end
i feel you on my skin when you cling my hand

when the moon climbs up i think about you when the light touches my window pane
you make me fall again

the time you dont talk to me or say the same
my heart breaks a little even its joke or the game
when the sun sets down it lights the sky
i hope you whysking out some where i close my eyes n feel you blow passing by

girl you feel like a spark to my heart blow to my clouds nyer to my rain
you make me fall again

do you ever think why i come you
never wanna let you go by everything i do
maybe you are essiential to me you feel like the air i breathe
i dunno what i was before you but without you i have no reason to be

i feel like saying my word for you but some how my mind refrain
you make me fall again


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Digital space

I like you when I first saw you from toes to face Book a reservation for you on my space
Stuck like knot on shoe lace You set me free m wireless
Add me on your list of interest Description about and rest
Say its my song when here it on song quest  Imma view you through my blogger pin you on my pintrest
I like you from you dp You too come and see this
Mail me on your id Girl add me on your bb ,
I see you on the instragram You look so fine with that blue frame
Find your name on find your love game Din wanna feel awkward so I request on your bbm
Your retweets filled my timeline Even your pic of dine
I say you look so fine Got your name on status for sure fav. Mine
Ohh what the collage you make you want a selfi lets take
Description with smile n no fake baby make your hashtag
Your status listening rolling stone your pic with rising sun
Seeing you my beat its gone talk me on my droid bot kiss me on my I phone
I keep on wondering how I got stuck I aint see no luck
I’m still same feet under or little  less You got me in a digi space

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