Darkness , light and stars

 was the greeny September the awful day

A leaf fell down n lead me the way

The place engraved on my heart lil too apart and lot too away

Breeze move along and the part of hay

You sitting next so on

And time that warn

 been a eon

the truth is now you’re gone


And I sit for a while

laying one the pile

looking really far

dreaming  in the darkness of lights n stars


Removing leather jacket you shivering with the cold

And you put it with the fold

I was big but not that old

Young but not that bold

Looking at your charm

Beneath that cuff a tattoo on my arm

Nut no one eva dose as you harm

Breaking my fantasy like banging on alarm


And a dream for a while

To make a reconcile  

But now its really dark

 Dreaming in the darkness of lights n stars


The stars neva shine as bright as you

Raised beat of my heart n breath left few

Eventually it got dried although I tried my winter dew

N left with no move to do

Still wait for your knock on the door

Your dreams the beautiful thing I adore

I pickup my broken pieces bleed up my disturbed creases n wait for more

In my heart those things got stored 


Even if I was vile

I would wait for your smile

But now it’s a bullet on my mark

M lost in the darkness of light and stars 


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