Forever and always

i look in to your eyes  n see the meaning of my life

feel my heartbeat through my voice

n feel the breeze that passes by

i put my head up the sky 

and love you till it die

if its a dream n my life is a lie dont wake me up n dont ask me why



dont ask me the meaning of my existence its surely would you

dont ask me why i was crazy at a glance i surely din want to

but still got mesmerize cant get out of the haze

i want you forever , forever and always



when i look you there 

nothing else so clear 

ua face all i see

 when you move your blow 

flowing so low i

make it go feel so free

the way you close my eyes

my heart take a million tries

 to take a breath 



dont ask me why my heart beating so fast its surely your touch feather

dont ask me whats gonna be in the last it surely you and me together

you got me hypnotize cant stop the gaze

i want you forever , forever and always



my breath just keep on jumping

my heart raise its pumping

when you come in front of my vision

my skin get lil raised up

from your touch n when you put yor face up

 my life running you are the only reason



dont ask me how i ll take your hand and take you to there

dont ask me when it will stop up the rain n bring up the nayer

you got me so arise

i cant take my eye from your face

i want you forever , forever and always


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