Kiss me

Take my hand , baby take my hand without you m just so lone
Dont pretend , baby dont pretend i see you type right to my phone
I change my lane to take your way as i always tell you bae 
I want you close
I just cant figure out what you do, to my lose my breathe m telling you 
Dont listen to those .
our friends talk bout us every day dont matters what they say 
, as i told you i will hold you, 
And when my time comes you hold me and kiss me ,baby 

Dont go away , dont go away we gonna take the walks to the miles .
Morning ray , you my morning ray you light my world as you smile 
Close your eyes what you see , that somebody , somebody’s me 
Baby i dont lie
Move long way take my hand , take a rest on grassy land 
Look to the sky 
Pull you close and grab your waist , put your head up on my chest 
Touch each others finger tips , touch my skin and feel my lips 
And when you look my eyes feel heat , and kiss me,baby


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