My art

Maybe You not most beautiful in the world . Maybe you not a cure to me . But i dont give a fuck if you are not . They say if you cant cry you are weak . So that can say you make me strong .the sleepless night never felt long to me till your thoughts kept wrapping around my head.
Your love for me is like a cookie jar for me every time i put my hand inside i hurt myself with the broken edge but once in the ten times i get the cookie and thats the best fuckimg cookie i ever had in my life . I keep trying for that . You are like a wine to me. I got you. Had you. Been drunk in you. But i cant keep make me intoxicated . I get high in your love . Drunk of your ignorance . Wasted on your feel.stoned on your hate. But im never mine . I’m all yours.every moment . In my every story i cant always be the one to survive . In this maybe i will die. I will die because i love you. In fire in flash . Maybe im not one for you. Maybe im not right for you. But im there for you . You stay . You say your heart inside my chest. And when i say them it become my words. It becomes my art . You are my art



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