As a friend

your eyes those lips that empty breathe
cause the left over world slip off my mind
you know everytime you be so rough land swipes off my feet
i know i can never be one of that kind
your touch your hug your childish things
make me carry the smile whole of the day
not enough to say i see you everytime i take a blink
i close my eyes forever for you to stay

but i dont wanna try to give it a name
i know its odd for you but i tell you it wont be the same
i dont wanna be alone again
so i’m keeping myself just as a friend

your voice your scream your heart snitching smile
let me go through the streets and dance like  a loon
when you hold my hand in the rain and walk for a mile
i feel like look in yhour eyes and say it soon
your blow your bite your fingertips
m sure you got some poison that i beg for more
when you lick that water drop fell on your lips
i cant help osing my head i just adore

but i dont wanna make you know even with my glance
cant help dont wanna loose you cant take a chance
i want the care you give or just pretend
so i’m keeping myself just as a friend

your texts your stories your late night call
i know you love it and i want them too
i hear your sleepy voice and everytime i fall
i lost my senses and i dont know what to do
your pull your pull your silly wish
dont know why it dont take a minute to be done
the time you hold up pull my tees
i need the time to paralize no i dont want the none

but i dont wanna put you down
i wantbut m hell bound
i never wanna bring it till the end
so i’m keeping myself just as a friend

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