I don’t care

Its 6 on the clock m getting in bed
While everybody gets up
Getting high on the weed thinking what i had
Now that it feels rough
My head full of weed my hands full of beens
M trying get over my bed full of seeds 
And myself a question
Its been a really fucked up scene
M loosing my mind and my girlfriend went ducking on me
I dont care , m blazed on my bong
Like m on air , m high on my song
Drunk on beer , but now baby i dont care

You took my money took mt life been my honey and i had a strife
Its keeps on turning baby not so right m on firefight its on my sight
You took my time been my crime cool like Ice nice as dime wind and chime
Now My nursery rhyme .like twinkle twinkle little star . M touching it from a bar
M up above the world so high. My smoking kush touching the sky .
So its done you were one
M going over you m fliping out my turn
N if you ring my phone on my own m like a rolling stone m lone but m grown
M too frown m flying on my dron my horn even if you blow me on my droid bot And kiss me on my i phone in zone my green zone … do you ever miss me you do even kiss me on textes reflexes maxes m relaxes hacks it breaks as make as m out of mind you one of kind now i won’t find you  but tough luck you duck you oh chuck..you bae fuck you

I dont care , m high on my drink
Make it clear , now not as you think
My lens flare , but baby i dont care


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4 thoughts on “I don’t care

  1. First off, can you get me some of that weed, nice inspiration going on there, very good poem. And second, the saying at the end…..that couldn´t be more true. I think my crazy ex girlfriend started calling me back again just for the simple fact that I was moving on with my life, with better prospects than when i was with her and seeing other girls. So that last saying is damn true. Now, weed man, weed!!


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