Best rhyme

Just go on my line the words that i wrote for you
And when i say you words and everything is true

I wish that your tear they go vanish
And make it high line so check my Spanish
Nesecito cerrar te nessecito quiero estar contigo
n i wish to wrap this in gift box give it to you
I gotta tell you

Best friend your are my very best friend
Seriously this is the best thing ever
This rhyme m really feeling this rhyme
This is …this is the best rhyme ever

Dont know how we came this far
Be on my sky…on my sky like a star
N i make sure that we will be together
This is …this is the best rhyme ever

Every hour that we been through
Those smile and even when they left few
I want to… i want to paralyze it i dont care however
This is…this is the the best rhyme ever

Letting u go even the thought’s so scary
I say it out….. i say it yo ma sherry
Get it high on …get it high on like fever
This is…this is the best rhyme ever

Give you my hand when feel stuck in the sea
Sing a song beside you when you cant sleep
And you can count on me….count on me forever
This is….this is fucking best rhyme ever


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