I used to think you take my breathe away
Neva thought i ll take you other way
take it to new relation
you wasnt my breathe catcher it was sufocation
Bitch u hold me up took me high
Why i believed when u told that lie
Tell me why made me psy piss u leave u like u left me cry

You are the slut or equal bitch m same m evil fuck u to the level rolling stone that pebble
giving up the tears just not to give up that ditch
All i wanna say fuck u bitch

You took my money you took my life
Been my honey and had a strife
It keep on turning but not that right
Hoe piss u hard fuck u wide
I remember you been something to me now bitch ass fucker
living now no more that way m rich as fucker
Reason for my cheer now smile sucker
Love you heart out? …..I skipped class fucker

Still wanna give you a tight hug….  around the neck and try my luck …with a rope and let it fuck
Now no more false hope n don let snitch
All i wanna say fuck u bitch


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