Fall again

hey there you are in your perfect way
like a sunlight a morning ray
the way you hold me close you bring me down to knees
when u bid ua hand in my hairs like a smooth breze

i feel you make me feel like i’m feeling your breath in my vain
you make me fall again

the way i tease you with my words you call me rile
i love it while scolding me i catch your smile
and when we share all crazy stuff in the end
i feel you on my skin when you cling my hand

when the moon climbs up i think about you when the light touches my window pane
you make me fall again

the time you dont talk to me or say the same
my heart breaks a little even its joke or the game
when the sun sets down it lights the sky
i hope you whysking out some where i close my eyes n feel you blow passing by

girl you feel like a spark to my heart blow to my clouds nyer to my rain
you make me fall again

do you ever think why i come you
never wanna let you go by everything i do
maybe you are essiential to me you feel like the air i breathe
i dunno what i was before you but without you i have no reason to be

i feel like saying my word for you but some how my mind refrain
you make me fall again


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