Half of me

when you look your name in my eyes life rolling like dice
when you dream in the cries have a name on heart
I cross my heart and hope to die take my words I don’t lie
M really going like a psy you in my veins like a dart
I will be your cup that flow up you be my bottle beer
I ll be your opposite pole you force to pull me near
I will be your raised goosebumps you be my things I fear
I will be your full base speaker you be my sound I hear
I will be your jar of honey you be my buzzing bee
I will wrap you fully you be another half of me

When you flip up your hair you on my mind everything unclear
I just wanna see you near tell me what to do
I just cant take a look eyes hung on you on a hook
Oh what a breathe you took  maybe its our virtue
I will be your I don’t care you be my things that matters
I will be your broken pieces you be my thing that shatters
I will be your false report you be my changing weather
I will be your cold breeze you be my v neck sweater
I will be your dust in eye you will be my thing I see
I will wrap you fully you be another half of me


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