I cant love her

{shez too beautifull ,but “I CANT LOVE HER”
i wanna be with her, but “I CANT LOVE HER”}
There’s something in her,that every time i try to leave her behind
my heart falls n she comes across my mind
shes just too cute i think bout her each minute  each hour of my day
i donno who she is she takes my breathe away
 i always think bout her blue eyes and hair thats so hazy
There’s some spark in her that makes me go crazy
{m just lost in her dreams n everything is blur
but there’s something inside says “I CANT LOVE HER”}
shes much more beautiful den anyone can see
just so awesome no one else can rather be
i don’t know what’s in her thatt i wanna make her mine 
i dont know how to do dat but i got the sign 
im stuck to her she just so nice
everything left behind,but i think i remember her eyes
{my heart says im in love and i wanna show her
but my answer is damn same “I CANT LOVE HER” }

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