I will be there

Do you have a clue what you do to me
When you look into my eyes what you see
When you come this close what you touch my skin
Do you feel my heat inside your hand like its going in

Please dont resend me if i act crazily
I get up at the night and look for you hazily
Do feel at the some point that you need someone to see
I will be waiting for you at the corner of the street

If one day you wake up my thoughts on you take up get out of your rack up no need of that make up
see that imma rolling stone i dont deserve this habit you need smile on that face you need to carry
You make me be inside a emotional dome will be waiting for you in the combe i ll take make you every thing except Cologne
it poisions stops your riseons take your nice on keep me fine as hell like instagram on your iphone
Take my words take my saying take that some ….im gonna make this place your home

Do you think of me like i think of you
Do you hold your breathe when you touch me like i do
I know i get you in the trouble sometimes you call me rile
But believe my heart it smiles bit long when i see you smile

Please dont resend me when i call you at dark
Your voice that moment makes me loony you create that spark
Whensoever you feel like you want me to be something i will be
I will be there waiting for you at the corner of the street


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