Let me be

Come to my lfe its gone fade
Why don’t you come to me its been lil late
I wanna live those moments wanna regret

My wish is to be your fantasy
Wish you every time think of me
Nothing else I wanna be
Coz girl you are a beauty I wanna be your beast

Lemme be your heart stealer you are one of a kind
I wanna steal your heart girl you can steal mine

Lemme be your dream chaser catching your nights
I wanna be hear with you wanna hold you tight

Lemme be your palm holder , hold it n lets go out
My heart says I love you , I wanna say it loud

Lemme be in our mind , make me your fantasy
I wanna come in your dreams every time you fall asleep

Lemme be yours forever , lets flip a coin
Side one im yours side two you are mine

Lemme be your nerve dropper , lemme drop it down
I see you in everything , m became a famous talk of town

Lemme be your heart flyer , lemme fly you high
I wanna love throughout my life till the day I die

Lemme be your closest one dearest one atleast
Baby you are a beauty Lemme be your beast


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