No matter how many  candles I lit and burn its end
No matter how many times I bow so I couldn’t stand
No matter how many steps I climb up above I still feel the pain
I wanna know I wanna know
No matter how many pictures I go on and change
No matter how many words I say and feel too strange
No matter how many door I keep on knocking insane
What is to show what is to show
Bomb shells spread stains gunshots blood rains
Heads off   cut veins
Tell  me I’ll be still and take a knife
Or tell me I will kill to save a life
Crash shot kill…let it all burn your thoughts
Where’s your god where’s your god

No matter how many lie I tell myself to be fine
No matter how many bullets I take in side my mind
No matter how many they will kill that are of my kind
And break us apart break us apart

No matter how many season it will take to go
No matter how many religion it will burry down low
No matter how many reason we will wait to say them no
Then you call upon your god yeah you call upon your god

Shot me thought me kill me
They fought me
Tell me it will go to without a strife
Or I have to kill to save a life
Crash  shot kill…..let it all burn everything you got
Where’s your god where’s your god

Its all about who’s left not who’s right . they cut they shoot yeah this is fight
Attacks all they way from day to night . terror blood explosion on  the sight
Don’t wait for the god . so they can tear you apart . in the heart . they don’t have one . so you can save one . look inside . don’t hide. Its all by your side …….there’s your god



The letters

all night i was feeling so rough
I trouble sleeping i can get enough
I don’t know where I gone wrong
cant figure out how i lost a friend
Out of my head i cant understand
im heavy in head taking all.along
No girl i didn’t mean to hurt you . The girl i was talking to was wasn’t meant to cut you
And just to say you that you sorry for the pain that i caused . Without you i cant be what i was
Thats why
I was texting you on your phone . Calling you when all alone.
But you dont pick it up .
I’m shouting you in dreams . Its crazy more tham it seems
Feeling down m lacking love
So m reading all your letters all  . All night
That gone drenched by tears on my side

I know i never been the guy you wanted me to be
Though i tried so hard m bleeding you can see
I’m not that strong i just cant tell
I wake up every morning with hating my self
And ending up it shouting screaming for help
Believe me I feel  guilty as hell
Go girl i didn’t mean to hurt you . Everytime you need me i will make sure i heard you
And just to say I love you baby take my heart. I will catch you when You fall won’t leave you apart
That why
I was crossing you home and just see you in that hope and
but you dont really notice at all .
I keep think you up all time . Make up all silly rhymes
Just to make u get my fall
so m reading all your letters all . All night
Thay gone drenched by the tears on my side