till the end

You remember time when he was holding your hand
You was always been there but as a friend
You waited all night for him to call
Slowly you were falling didn’t noticed at all
When you go beg for more wanted to be adored
But as he hides he cant show
he want you to know

He will be with you through the blue and black
And go all way long the moon and back
He will make feel the special thing but you understand
He will be with you till the end

The night you were messed up all with his thoughts
He tryna hug you and connect your dots
When you cant take a sleep spend cold long nights
He will sing the song till you fall asleep and hold you tight
You were shivering in fears , he would wipe uo your tears
Everytime he holds you tight when you feel low
he wants you to know

He will be with you through the blue and black
And go all way long the moon and back
He will make feel the special thing but you understand
He will be with you till the end

When you stuck in your though just drowned in a sea
He will bring you up be everything you wanna be
Your thought that makes you stun and go through
He never been complete but neither were you
You eyes they were shining cheee you when you were whining
You were burning I was chilling as a snow
I want you to know

I will be with you through the blue and black
And go all way long the moon and back
I will make feel the special thing but you understand
I will be with you till the end


You make running on the empty streets make me out of mind
Make me believe every that you are one of kind
All i ever wanted was just baby you and I
All i wanted was the world go around and paralyze
When i call you beautiful your blush makes me die
Single smile cant change the world but yours changes my

So i can be your money you can be cash
I can be your Vogue and you can be my class
I can be your victim you can be my case
I can be marijuana and you can be my hash

And you make me rush
Towards you , oh baby when you blush
M screaming im Love you make me hush
M in love or another crush

You make me dialling your number but i erase it all the way
Make me say my heart heart out loud but i choose to stay
All i want is to make a wish on shooting star
With you on my side and won’t be this far
When we talk on the phone on long but still so much left to say
When i write two line for you it takes your heart away

So i can be your word and you can be my rhyme.
I can be your sin and you can be my crime
I can be your wind and yoy can be my chime
I can be your love moment you can be my time

And you make me rush
Towards you , oh baby when you blush
M screaming im Love you make me hush
M in love or another crush



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“Sometimes its too late say , sometimes its never the right time” and he was constantly stuck in between . as the night fell down, sitting in the corner her voice was echoing In his mind, he never knew that cards will flip so bad that it will burn the house down . his pride his ego his ignorance and his selfish ways just pushed her out of his life , she was always there he never saw her , she always said but he never heard , she was always by his side but he never felt. He was wasted , he never imagined her with someone else ….and so he was careless , neither did she …..and so she was sad. You always need to fall to realise that you were flying . she wanted to dance but he never did , she wanted him to say it all but he never did , she wanted him to know what she always felt but he never got her . now she’s dancing with another guy …. She’s feeling special, she’s feeling loved , she’s laughing she’s with some one else and she’s smiling and he’s crying for the same . those words he never wrote for her , those feel he never shared are broken down on him written all over his heart his poetry …poetry he never wrote sometimes its too late . she walked away tears bleeding from his eyes , her shadow holding her back , her voices calling her to move away . she was best for him , he was best for her , they were best but friends .

she gave him the meaning of being lonely and showed him that some people come in your life just to make you believe that your life will never be the same without them. still her old text flash him inside his mind forced him to read and remember it all again ,his last message still shine up screaming, her non replaying strike over his heart,

a guy and a girl can be friends , they can always be friends but at a single point of time they do fall in in love maybe unknowingly , maybe together , maybe at one sided , maybe forever , maybe temporary , maybe fake ,maybe true….maybe too late



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Story of my life

its been a year past away
been so broken down like cast away
heading putting down in the lonly street
even stars fade in dark floor swep off my feet

and i’m falling and holding on the thing i had and its gone
it wasnt letting me feel so fine
thats the story of my life

and i saw your glow thought to take a chance
that you ll be with me forever since first glance
that was the first the freash touch of hands
that time i dint really knew that we ll be more then friends

and my beat comes and goes to few am so lucky to have you
i just wanted you i got the sign
thats the story of my life

with the morning ray waking you with my phone calls
your leaning on my shoulder when a tear falls
looking in your eyes i cant get out of haze
and when i come close to you and kiss you face

and making you smile when low keeping the eyelash just for your blow
i dint knew life will be so kind
thats the story of my life

but i dont know when world turned out so bad
i neva thought you will be so fade
i needed you in my life to complete and want you for so
till the end i dint wanted you to go

and i m breaking and shattring picking up my blooding heart and thing
i saw you in my saul and breathe of mine
thats the story of my life

now i cant take a step to take it no more
her thoughts like wave of the shore
you been the reason of my existence heart to beat
since you  not there i probably have no reason to be

and i m caught up in the screams i know i only can get you in dreams
for letting me sleep for life the bullet catch my mind
thats was story of my life

She knows

he brings me up when m feeling down
I call her love….. Love that I need around
When I’m with her possessive I feel
She’s my one and only the only heal

I want her short black hairs, I want her cute brown eyes
I want her sweet sweet kiss, I want her deep soft voice
When I taste my lips, they surely taste like her
She’s on my mind all day and I act so dur
I feel I need her here now, I want her no fear now, I want her to stay
She knows that I love her even when I don’t say

She brings the best, best inside of me
She is the best thing, best thing I ever see
I get little about her too insecure
And we gonna make it, make it that im sure
I want her light hard touch, I want her fire
I want to hold her hand, I wanna be her desire
Her finger tips got some poison or force
that I can’t stop to beg for more
And when I call her sugar, when I go fall and sugar, and when we talk night and day
She knows that I love her even when I don’t say

right here

Those thing we dont talk about it Our feels we rather doubt it Look in my eyes You’ll find a new surprise You’re my one the shooting star I wish you wherever you are You my only sky M flying by
So if one day you wake up out of your bed You wont check your to-do list but you missing me insted You sitting in corner thinking time that we had I will be righ here waiting for you just like I said
Some thing we dont talk about it I searched and I found Come take my hand I dont pretend You my one and everything The reason i can blink Just believe me bae Everything i say
So if one day you wake up and thinking of me You fine my old memory everywhere you see Your man cant be everything i can be I will be right here waiting for you stooping on my knees
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Taking my drink m on rink I sink can’t even blink m burning from my wings all things

that I try my blood that dry cant say why m psy m passing by but take my words I don’t lie m high no drops slid by I don’t cry its my , medicine m feeling low again m insane lost my sane m drain I spend my nights full of pain and days of the same m loosing fucking game I wont be same its lame and I just do against the grain got a bullet in my brain m drunk and walking on the lane cut on my vein  m bleeding in the rain and you keep watching me from your window pane

I’m cut, cut down do deep

I can get no sleep


Tell me if you get a chance will go back in time , do your sins your crimes , your words your rhymes , your wind your chimes , your height your climbs , to them time when I think back, since the high school , the mind takes , there was no time without any girl hit on me or fit on me , it went so free , but now everything that I see is faded m jaded feel like m raided , and what your mad at , I already said that , all the things that you hated , but m late at , making choices I fear them , those voices I hear them , I don’t where they came or going it flowing m lowing but why are you bowing , you  got it, everything about it that you thought it , you won go ahead and tell them , I failed them , I killed name , In every time all the type , all hype , black of striped , m choking in my wind pipe , so wipe . All your tears pack your wears, yea it grind my gears; tell everyone that they won’t find me here

M dried inside can’t even weep

I can get no sleep


I cant even pronounce by disorders , I thought her , I dint got her , I fought her , the flowers that I bought her , on the door they dried , though I tried to get her out of mind in every kind, tried to leave everything behind ,all my sins are lined , searched to find

Every heal, the zeal, cut with the knife of steel, but she don’t feel, that I gave her wheel, but she steal. my days , my ways , my rays , all case , I’m in a maze , trace , try to catch her face , every chase , it amaze , lace , erase . All the fights, those nights, my wrong your rights, those dim light, those black and whites

I got nothing, nothing to keep

I can get no sleep