Taking my drink m on rink I sink can’t even blink m burning from my wings all things

that I try my blood that dry cant say why m psy m passing by but take my words I don’t lie m high no drops slid by I don’t cry its my , medicine m feeling low again m insane lost my sane m drain I spend my nights full of pain and days of the same m loosing fucking game I wont be same its lame and I just do against the grain got a bullet in my brain m drunk and walking on the lane cut on my vein  m bleeding in the rain and you keep watching me from your window pane

I’m cut, cut down do deep

I can get no sleep


Tell me if you get a chance will go back in time , do your sins your crimes , your words your rhymes , your wind your chimes , your height your climbs , to them time when I think back, since the high school , the mind takes , there was no time without any girl hit on me or fit on me , it went so free , but now everything that I see is faded m jaded feel like m raided , and what your mad at , I already said that , all the things that you hated , but m late at , making choices I fear them , those voices I hear them , I don’t where they came or going it flowing m lowing but why are you bowing , you  got it, everything about it that you thought it , you won go ahead and tell them , I failed them , I killed name , In every time all the type , all hype , black of striped , m choking in my wind pipe , so wipe . All your tears pack your wears, yea it grind my gears; tell everyone that they won’t find me here

M dried inside can’t even weep

I can get no sleep


I cant even pronounce by disorders , I thought her , I dint got her , I fought her , the flowers that I bought her , on the door they dried , though I tried to get her out of mind in every kind, tried to leave everything behind ,all my sins are lined , searched to find

Every heal, the zeal, cut with the knife of steel, but she don’t feel, that I gave her wheel, but she steal. my days , my ways , my rays , all case , I’m in a maze , trace , try to catch her face , every chase , it amaze , lace , erase . All the fights, those nights, my wrong your rights, those dim light, those black and whites

I got nothing, nothing to keep

I can get no sleep






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