Story of my life

its been a year past away
been so broken down like cast away
heading putting down in the lonly street
even stars fade in dark floor swep off my feet

and i’m falling and holding on the thing i had and its gone
it wasnt letting me feel so fine
thats the story of my life

and i saw your glow thought to take a chance
that you ll be with me forever since first glance
that was the first the freash touch of hands
that time i dint really knew that we ll be more then friends

and my beat comes and goes to few am so lucky to have you
i just wanted you i got the sign
thats the story of my life

with the morning ray waking you with my phone calls
your leaning on my shoulder when a tear falls
looking in your eyes i cant get out of haze
and when i come close to you and kiss you face

and making you smile when low keeping the eyelash just for your blow
i dint knew life will be so kind
thats the story of my life

but i dont know when world turned out so bad
i neva thought you will be so fade
i needed you in my life to complete and want you for so
till the end i dint wanted you to go

and i m breaking and shattring picking up my blooding heart and thing
i saw you in my saul and breathe of mine
thats the story of my life

now i cant take a step to take it no more
her thoughts like wave of the shore
you been the reason of my existence heart to beat
since you  not there i probably have no reason to be

and i m caught up in the screams i know i only can get you in dreams
for letting me sleep for life the bullet catch my mind
thats was story of my life


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