best ones





“Sometimes its too late say , sometimes its never the right time” and he was constantly stuck in between . as the night fell down, sitting in the corner her voice was echoing In his mind, he never knew that cards will flip so bad that it will burn the house down . his pride his ego his ignorance and his selfish ways just pushed her out of his life , she was always there he never saw her , she always said but he never heard , she was always by his side but he never felt. He was wasted , he never imagined her with someone else ….and so he was careless , neither did she …..and so she was sad. You always need to fall to realise that you were flying . she wanted to dance but he never did , she wanted him to say it all but he never did , she wanted him to know what she always felt but he never got her . now she’s dancing with another guy …. She’s feeling special, she’s feeling loved , she’s laughing she’s with some one else and she’s smiling and he’s crying for the same . those words he never wrote for her , those feel he never shared are broken down on him written all over his heart his poetry …poetry he never wrote sometimes its too late . she walked away tears bleeding from his eyes , her shadow holding her back , her voices calling her to move away . she was best for him , he was best for her , they were best but friends .

she gave him the meaning of being lonely and showed him that some people come in your life just to make you believe that your life will never be the same without them. still her old text flash him inside his mind forced him to read and remember it all again ,his last message still shine up screaming, her non replaying strike over his heart,

a guy and a girl can be friends , they can always be friends but at a single point of time they do fall in in love maybe unknowingly , maybe together , maybe at one sided , maybe forever , maybe temporary , maybe fake ,maybe true….maybe too late



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