Connect it

I know although it hurts, it is good or even worse ,but you wont accept it
You keep reading all my word, singing along all my verse, but you wont connect it
And even if i keep bleeding in the high rain, i will shelter you from all pains . will remember your face
Even if i go insane
And there is a fire in my bone and a shotgun about to blow my mind , but if you still need yourself search to my heart and find.
Your fiction and my life Im vein and you my knife and you wont regret it
You cut me and i bleed all night look back to all the strife but you wont connect it

Call me a sinner of fake, but you loved the walks around the lake, but you wont accept it
It’s our time what i say , all my words that I make , but you wont connect it
And i saw you walking you away and never looked back like nota word to say and but really take my heart girl i always hold you like a fay and
There is a night that shines reminds me every thing been, i take a turn and i see that face i never seen
I know i must have said , but now the time it’s gone bad but that wont affect it
Now we came to the other side  , you got something that you hide  but you wont connect it

I know you dont trust me , close your eyes m what you see , but you wont accept it
Leave your thoughts make them free, i wont be there but feels will be , but you wont connect it
And you looked me best but worst is yet to come , but I’ll try to change all my dumbs , i know its never right but I will wait for time maybe some
And there’s a hurricane that chasing me down to my heart , a blow and riot that will tear me apart
And after all this time , i will write your name in my rhymes, do you expect it
Even if you find me drunk texting you , say all loud or even few , you wont connect it

valentines’ gift

so I guess it’s over now it’s too late to save our love , there’s no religion that could save no matter how down I bow . some day the sun doesn’t shine so brightly , someday the darkness never fades until it takes you along and makes your soul full of it .

my friends talk about us but all it does is breaks me up ,I know you not there for me but my heart he doesn’t believe the fact . I knew the time will come when I have to let you off my arms but it will come so soon and that too in this manner I didn’t know.
You still the most special girl to me more than anything , you were my strength to build me up , a hand to hold me ,the girl I shared my tears for ……… I’m not writing it to let you know or let you read it I know you don’t believe me but that’s the only feel I got , the words they don’t finish up anymore ,the more they come out as my tears roll down my face . if you ever come back, no yelling scolds no crying over you no more fights I will learn from my mistakes I promise .

it makes me sad , those love songs makes me sad , those moments that we cherished makes me sad ,your happy face when comes across makes me sad , it’s  not like that I hate then now ….. they just make me sad because I know I can’t have you for real now . they make me sad and I love my life . I’m thankful to you-you made me the person I was before knowing you , you made me good you made me better and now you still making me better . you taught me some people come to your life just to make  you know that life won’t be same without them , you taught me that the world won’t be nice to you if you never been nice to someone , you taught me I can’t break my ego or so called love to see any other guy making you smile. that’s the best valentines’ gift you gave me

Its never a goodbye

Till the time you walk away i want to say
The time i remember your face was when you walked towards me smiling at your best . The time when you creeped on mind . Time i was constantly praying myself to get you out of my brain . But it never happend you never get out of me . time between your travelling from my brain to my heart made you drug to me .the sweetest drug i ever had .like the air i breathe . the reason of my being. The word that I’m looking when I try to describe myself and how I feel inside is you
I never got that shot of thought that unknowingly thinking about you will get you stuck in my brain . All your touch your feel , still feels the same on me . The best thing that suited on me was you . When you hold my hand the exchange of heat gets me on my nerves everytime . Everytime I’m with you the more you are into me .  When I’m with you i cant sleep . When im not your thoughts dont let me sleep . M turning out to be a insomniac .m a lunatic you make me sick . The truly one who gets me crazy
But even the thought of letting you go. Seeing you with someone else make me numb a little . It makes my skip my beat . Pause my breathe . I’m whole lot a selfish you know . I want you. Whole of you. With me . For me. Every time . All day . Everywhere. Whole life . Forever .always. and beyond . To the goods and my best . Through the days beautiful as you or the nights ugly as mine when m here without you. I need you . You care for me . Maybe not the most . Maybe as a friend . Maybe a little . Maybe little or you pretend but you do . Thats enough for me . I cant share it . I dont always say it. My words dont always use my voive to escape . I wait . Wait for the say you will look me in the eyes and get your answer and i . I will get my remedy …… And I’ll come across everytime you’ll think those words those kisses those hellos and byes you cant leave me one day you’ll find yourself drunk texting me but o wont act like you i will be there waiting at that turn….  its never a goodbye