Its never a goodbye

Till the time you walk away i want to say
The time i remember your face was when you walked towards me smiling at your best . The time when you creeped on mind . Time i was constantly praying myself to get you out of my brain . But it never happend you never get out of me . time between your travelling from my brain to my heart made you drug to me .the sweetest drug i ever had .like the air i breathe . the reason of my being. The word that I’m looking when I try to describe myself and how I feel inside is you
I never got that shot of thought that unknowingly thinking about you will get you stuck in my brain . All your touch your feel , still feels the same on me . The best thing that suited on me was you . When you hold my hand the exchange of heat gets me on my nerves everytime . Everytime I’m with you the more you are into me .  When I’m with you i cant sleep . When im not your thoughts dont let me sleep . M turning out to be a insomniac .m a lunatic you make me sick . The truly one who gets me crazy
But even the thought of letting you go. Seeing you with someone else make me numb a little . It makes my skip my beat . Pause my breathe . I’m whole lot a selfish you know . I want you. Whole of you. With me . For me. Every time . All day . Everywhere. Whole life . Forever .always. and beyond . To the goods and my best . Through the days beautiful as you or the nights ugly as mine when m here without you. I need you . You care for me . Maybe not the most . Maybe as a friend . Maybe a little . Maybe little or you pretend but you do . Thats enough for me . I cant share it . I dont always say it. My words dont always use my voive to escape . I wait . Wait for the say you will look me in the eyes and get your answer and i . I will get my remedy …… And I’ll come across everytime you’ll think those words those kisses those hellos and byes you cant leave me one day you’ll find yourself drunk texting me but o wont act like you i will be there waiting at that turn….  its never a goodbye


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