valentines’ gift

so I guess it’s over now it’s too late to save our love , there’s no religion that could save no matter how down I bow . some day the sun doesn’t shine so brightly , someday the darkness never fades until it takes you along and makes your soul full of it .

my friends talk about us but all it does is breaks me up ,I know you not there for me but my heart he doesn’t believe the fact . I knew the time will come when I have to let you off my arms but it will come so soon and that too in this manner I didn’t know.
You still the most special girl to me more than anything , you were my strength to build me up , a hand to hold me ,the girl I shared my tears for ……… I’m not writing it to let you know or let you read it I know you don’t believe me but that’s the only feel I got , the words they don’t finish up anymore ,the more they come out as my tears roll down my face . if you ever come back, no yelling scolds no crying over you no more fights I will learn from my mistakes I promise .

it makes me sad , those love songs makes me sad , those moments that we cherished makes me sad ,your happy face when comes across makes me sad , it’s  not like that I hate then now ….. they just make me sad because I know I can’t have you for real now . they make me sad and I love my life . I’m thankful to you-you made me the person I was before knowing you , you made me good you made me better and now you still making me better . you taught me some people come to your life just to make  you know that life won’t be same without them , you taught me that the world won’t be nice to you if you never been nice to someone , you taught me I can’t break my ego or so called love to see any other guy making you smile. that’s the best valentines’ gift you gave me


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