Connect it

I know although it hurts, it is good or even worse ,but you wont accept it
You keep reading all my word, singing along all my verse, but you wont connect it
And even if i keep bleeding in the high rain, i will shelter you from all pains . will remember your face
Even if i go insane
And there is a fire in my bone and a shotgun about to blow my mind , but if you still need yourself search to my heart and find.
Your fiction and my life Im vein and you my knife and you wont regret it
You cut me and i bleed all night look back to all the strife but you wont connect it

Call me a sinner of fake, but you loved the walks around the lake, but you wont accept it
It’s our time what i say , all my words that I make , but you wont connect it
And i saw you walking you away and never looked back like nota word to say and but really take my heart girl i always hold you like a fay and
There is a night that shines reminds me every thing been, i take a turn and i see that face i never seen
I know i must have said , but now the time it’s gone bad but that wont affect it
Now we came to the other side  , you got something that you hide  but you wont connect it

I know you dont trust me , close your eyes m what you see , but you wont accept it
Leave your thoughts make them free, i wont be there but feels will be , but you wont connect it
And you looked me best but worst is yet to come , but I’ll try to change all my dumbs , i know its never right but I will wait for time maybe some
And there’s a hurricane that chasing me down to my heart , a blow and riot that will tear me apart
And after all this time , i will write your name in my rhymes, do you expect it
Even if you find me drunk texting you , say all loud or even few , you wont connect it


6 thoughts on “Connect it

  1. really enjoyed this. the flow, is like i am thinking it. not reading, it. mostly because it is true. but also a deft hand, looks amazing. the punctuation like felt on my tongue, gripping it all together as it tumble around. thanks!


  2. Here to say, bud, your talent runs deep. You have a gift. I have loved every post i have read so far! Looking forward to reading your new ones! Quite in awe of your poetry and this one was nothing less than a masterpiece too. – Cezane

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