Sometimes you hold me close

Sometimes your touch that goes

Sometimes it’s time that flows


Sometimes I tell You that I love you

Sometimes you just have the virtue

Sometimes you can’t get it and you

Go right away

I tried giving you heart

Yeah I told you from the start

That you the one that meant to me

Held your hand, I given up my best

Kept my heart out of my chest

You look and pretend that you don’t see

When I look up the sky and shooting stars passing by

The only thing I feel inside of me

When a tune lights up my phone and I see you text up on

I just search for zeal, I cry silently


Sometimes I fight and yell for things

Sometimes I be quite for kinks

To let it go

Sometimes you too treat like one

Sometimes we hold out hands to the sun

Yeah you know

I done everything to show

Just to let you know

That i think you more than friends

Don’t you think like it’s nothing

Drenched in tears or something

You So uninformed don’t pretend

When you just act like everything is fine and I’m really out of my mind

Can’t you little bit feel or see

When you go hang out with others boys and I’m here left out with no choice

I just search for some zeal,  I cry silently


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