darkness and the lights and the stars

when you’re stuck in the ocean and pop up the question
who’s gonna take you out of the misery
when you just wanna see on, I promise I’ll be one
and be everything you want me to be
take it out what you thinking and it keeps you blinking
and lost in your own mystery
when you feel you are sinking and you mess up the linking
I’ll make you believe in chivalry
and I’m gonna be your heal and be your zeal
bring your emotion if you just can’t feel
like I told you I will hold you, and take you away from where you are
through the darkness and the lights and the stars

when you afraid of the heights and you can’t take the flight
you know I’ll take you higher
when you search for the light, I will make it all right
I promise I will fill desire
when your nights full of pain, your days of the same
and you are trapped inside some wires
when you burning in the pain when you wait for the rain
I will walk you through flames and fire
see you can count on me, I’ll make you go free
just tell me the lock I will bring you the key
like I told you I will hold you, in the peace and
also when your mind is in a war
through the darkness and the lights and the stars

when it’s not as per the fate and you lost all you had
I will do everything that it takes
sorry if don’t be that great, not as per I said
I will learn from my mistakes
if I screwed up the feel and broke up the keel
I will search again I will go back
ok here’s the deal, I promise I’ll be real
take my words I will never fake
so take your time, find your name in my rhyme
I will be there for you like always I’m
like I told you I will hold you, to fill your dream
and even when they are too bizarre
through the darkness and the lights and the stars

Things to relate – last goodbye 

One last time before I go I wanna let you know that If you’re reading it is too late, too late to save  love, no religion that could’ve save me so for one last time read my words because you won’t see them again just to tell you that

I’m sorry  that I troubled with you my obsession

I’m sorry that I couldn’t control my tears when I saw you with spending time with your friends and not with me instead

I’m sorry that I waited like a fucking moron when you didn’t replied my messages or calls and acted like a lunatic when I got a single sign of yours 

I’m sorry cause I know it will never be the same still I kept on trying

I’m sorry that I called you when I was dead drunk and you were the only one I remembered 

I’m sorry that I sent you  dozens of texts messages when I know you don’t care anymore 

I’m sorry that I wrote those lots of words for you when I was missing you so much that it nearly killed me 

I’m sorry because I keep running to you because you the only one I can call mine , though I know I’m not the one you care about 

I’m sorry that I hope that someday you’ll realize my pain and come back holding me stopping me from leaving 

I’m sorry that I saw my future with you growing old and then dying with you but it won’t happen again 

I’m sorry because I love you 

But I  won’t repeat  again it won’t happen from now you won’t find me drunk texting you in the middle of a night, you won’t read my words calling you back , 

My mom, she’s not gonna find my eyes red and worry, ain’t gonna pretend to believe that I wasnt crying those sleepless night . Dad’s ain’t gonna worry about why I’ve been writing up those sad stuff and try to smile when everyone’s around

It wont happen anymore no more avoidance of sad songs no more feeling a little heart break when my friends gonna call your name . No more losing my heart on your smile. I’ve been bad I know that and got what I deserve it’s not necessary for me to survive in every tale , sometimes that’s all it takes to be free and free you

Life isn’t a movie you don’t get what you wish for , love doesn’t conqueres all. Fear that is something stops you for getting something new…. fear of opportunities , fear of love , fear of letting someone go never let’s you overcome yourself. Yours

 love or whatever it was it still flashes scares me one that i fear of, it suffocates me you fucking hate me and I can’t change it. Sometimes it’s better to choke yourself then letting someone else do it for you. I waited ….a lot…I was on my knees and pleading , with the wrist bleeding but you don’t even listen so fuck it , it stops me from breathing . 

I hoped for you to get me to make everything right again but it’s too late , I got what was meant but please, I don’t deserve to be forgotten, it is the hope that kept me going no surety but I’m left with none but only one I want that dont forget me completely , think of me when I’m gone but dont if you don’t want to….. just be happy as you are , I know you won’t cry you already did a lot of it and i already did a lot of me . But just promise me that you will think of me every time you hear the word love , everytime you look up.in the sky , everytime you see my name, my word. I gave you all just take my words along the last one I wanna give it to you, they will be there for you with you in the places and situation I could never be , they will always be there for you I won’t . So until I can bear this place I will love you 

Things to relate- Friends

It’s not been a long time that I got in my heart
I remember the first time I saw you, you were lost in thoughts and I was lost in you…. You didn’t know me neither did I, you showed me who am I
I remember your face down on the floor, closing your eyes and I can’t look anymore. I don’t know how a glance of you got you in my veins through my eyes.
I remember the fear of sending you the request in the hope get me, make a place in your life if you let me. That fear, first text and smiling like a lunatic on the replies were so true to take my words , feel how I feel for you…..
I never waited for anything as much as I wait for the new picture of yours and reading and getting jealous of comments of other guys, I was never the same.
I hope you get the words I say, we talk on the phone night till the day you take my breathe away

I‘ve been thinking bout you lately I’ve been a Lil bit psycho Your words they come and get me thinking wherever I go Making cute little thoughts and dreaming of a better tomorrow Take my words I will kiss your stitch and take away your sorrows And every night when you close your eyes, i will make it sure you realise  You are one running back to those few year I never been perfect like I said you, how could I’ve ever been perfect just the reason I never had you Aint nothing got stuck in my head but you keep me smear coz I let you But girl I knew you like a love book a sweet description like I read you

In a nutshell , oh well i can’t say all I want you to stay, whatever I can’t say I write it in my rhyme, but not every time , sometimes it’s so much left to say, if every simple word I wrote for you takes your heart away, I write a song, it won’t take long, don’t ask why just try, to find your name , it’s always the one and same, it’s you in every way,
But its fine take a sign, I don’t wanna stay  this and won’t make you mine,
So pretend we are a couple, together in our time, taking all the trouble, is subtle.
But I know someday, I’ll find a way to say so we can be forever like two birds that flock together till the end
Till then I’ll chain myself to a friend

Things to relate- crush

love is easy, falling in love is easier, crush is the easiest. Having a crush takes you to back in the childhood where you feel about even small stuff.

It’s absurd how a single person changes your life in a flash and gives you the reason to wake up every day. No commitments no names for the feel, no promises but you still feel like giving up the world for them, Getting up in the morning checking lots of different applications for the same profile takes you out the misery of the chaos and the loneliness.
Sitting in a coffee shop She was losing her mind over her loneliness . Asking the reason of wandering alone on empty streets . She asked herself the time she’ll finally be free in somebody’s arms swiftly she heard him sigh . Eyeing his face .they were looking at each other’s eyes , that ten second Gawk gave them – a thinking for night long and a poison for life long. those two cups of coffee, that two table, those two hearts, and one feel gave them dreams for nights and hope for days.

A smile of her gave him the essence of his days checking out her photographs, her eyes that shined bright in the light got his heart pounded little faster than it used to be. Reading out her comments and synergy from the guys made him feel little skeptical the feel that he never had.

She started accepting that the love and fate walked in from the same door, those long nights and longer chats attached the pieces of her shattered heart in past that she don’t even retrieve. It wasn’t like, that he was most important person in the world its just she didn’t care if he wasn’t, he became important to her in her own tiny world

The fact is it’s never easy, everything’s hard ,moving on is hard, falling is harder getting damaged is more, everybody’s gonna hurt you if you fall you just have to find out who’s gonna pick you when you fall and who’ll never let you down

those two cups of coffee, that two table, those two hearts, and one feel gave them dreams for nights and hope for days.

love is easy, falling in love is easier, crush is the easiest

Story of my life

its been a year past away
been so broken down like cast away
heading putting down in the lonly street
even stars fade in dark floor swep off my feet

and i’m falling and holding on the thing i had and its gone
it wasnt letting me feel so fine
thats the story of my life

and i saw your glow thought to take a chance
that you ll be with me forever since first glance
that was the first the freash touch of hands
that time i dint really knew that we ll be more then friends

and my beat comes and goes to few am so lucky to have you
i just wanted you i got the sign
thats the story of my life

with the morning ray waking you with my phone calls
your leaning on my shoulder when a tear falls
looking in your eyes i cant get out of haze
and when i come close to you and kiss you face

and making you smile when low keeping the eyelash just for your blow
i dint knew life will be so kind
thats the story of my life

but i dont know when world turned out so bad
i neva thought you will be so fade
i needed you in my life to complete and want you for so
till the end i dint wanted you to go

and i m breaking and shattring picking up my blooding heart and thing
i saw you in my saul and breathe of mine
thats the story of my life

now i cant take a step to take it no more
her thoughts like wave of the shore
you been the reason of my existence heart to beat
since you  not there i probably have no reason to be

and i m caught up in the screams i know i only can get you in dreams
for letting me sleep for life the bullet catch my mind
thats was story of my life

The letters

all night i was feeling so rough
I trouble sleeping i can get enough
I don’t know where I gone wrong
cant figure out how i lost a friend
Out of my head i cant understand
im heavy in head taking all.along
No girl i didn’t mean to hurt you . The girl i was talking to was wasn’t meant to cut you
And just to say you that you sorry for the pain that i caused . Without you i cant be what i was
Thats why
I was texting you on your phone . Calling you when all alone.
But you dont pick it up .
I’m shouting you in dreams . Its crazy more tham it seems
Feeling down m lacking love
So m reading all your letters all  . All night
That gone drenched by tears on my side

I know i never been the guy you wanted me to be
Though i tried so hard m bleeding you can see
I’m not that strong i just cant tell
I wake up every morning with hating my self
And ending up it shouting screaming for help
Believe me I feel  guilty as hell
Go girl i didn’t mean to hurt you . Everytime you need me i will make sure i heard you
And just to say I love you baby take my heart. I will catch you when You fall won’t leave you apart
That why
I was crossing you home and just see you in that hope and
but you dont really notice at all .
I keep think you up all time . Make up all silly rhymes
Just to make u get my fall
so m reading all your letters all . All night
Thay gone drenched by the tears on my side

All she said

You won’t say what you feel
But you there surly my zeal
Memories they won’t go fade
“Its over” its just what she said

its your last text m reading… you leaving ….no stop it …you deceiving …. m holding your hand ….just pretend….. it won’t end …..won’t give up … m holding sand …..its slipping ….m weeping …..your words m keeping…..m crying all night You have no trouble sleeping…… you creeping….on my head….m bleeding on bed….you not even sad…… its last what you said ….. you said you love me….deeply .. ….m angry ….. you said you ll never leave me ……but wait its fine…… you one kind ….stop it we will leave it behind ….. listen you were my only …..m lonely ….. you told me …… m mourning ….on my worst morning ….. you coning ….i cant believe it…..so leave it…..i will pretend its a dream ….. its lot crazy as it seems …. baby stop this game …..my hearts on flame …..its lame …i know …..m frozen under snow ….. m low …i used to be higher…you my desire ….you were my fire…..my gas my igniter …. my match my lighter….but wait you burning my down….m around ….i just cant take a sound …..m ten feet under ground

Girl stop it dont push it through
I dont want to get away from you
Dont forget what we had
“Its over” is just what she said

his what happens when a fire meets me ice ….you lies ….my eyes…full of sorrow ….remember what You said “i will be with you day after tomorrow”….. to catch you when you fall….i cant take it all …. my soul… its empty…its yours come help me … tell me.you are leaving no more you laying…. tell me baby you mine …..hold me….remember you told me …..you my forever And more …..you one I adore….the one i lived for… one i gave my arm for…..took the storm for ….. you were my pen …my paper…my poem…. my words….my feel…..my heal ….my zeal…..my reason to fly ….my reason to live for….for you i could die…….but this cant be right …. after all this fight …. hold me tight ….girl i need this ….i need you …..i dont want you to leaving …..girl listen to me fuck it …..i beg it…..dont fake it…Ypu love me dont You….you need me like I want you….but say ….i want you to stay ….hey…..stop if you can cause I know I cant…..i cant help but wait