darkness and the lights and the stars

when you’re stuck in the ocean and pop up the question
who’s gonna take you out of the misery
when you just wanna see on, I promise I’ll be one
and be everything you want me to be
take it out what you thinking and it keeps you blinking
and lost in your own mystery
when you feel you are sinking and you mess up the linking
I’ll make you believe in chivalry
and I’m gonna be your heal and be your zeal
bring your emotion if you just can’t feel
like I told you I will hold you, and take you away from where you are
through the darkness and the lights and the stars

when you afraid of the heights and you can’t take the flight
you know I’ll take you higher
when you search for the light, I will make it all right
I promise I will fill desire
when your nights full of pain, your days of the same
and you are trapped inside some wires
when you burning in the pain when you wait for the rain
I will walk you through flames and fire
see you can count on me, I’ll make you go free
just tell me the lock I will bring you the key
like I told you I will hold you, in the peace and
also when your mind is in a war
through the darkness and the lights and the stars

when it’s not as per the fate and you lost all you had
I will do everything that it takes
sorry if don’t be that great, not as per I said
I will learn from my mistakes
if I screwed up the feel and broke up the keel
I will search again I will go back
ok here’s the deal, I promise I’ll be real
take my words I will never fake
so take your time, find your name in my rhyme
I will be there for you like always I’m
like I told you I will hold you, to fill your dream
and even when they are too bizarre
through the darkness and the lights and the stars

broken smiled girl

She’s a girl who drove long eon with her feel-wounded heart

Everything she ever thought was right started to tear her apart

She’s a girl use to cry on Monday morning

Even spend her nights waiting for something

She’s a girl who needed to be hold needed to cry

She’s a girl staring at a picture till her tears go dry

Trying to live her way on I wanted her to burl

She got none else to say on she’s a broken smiled girl

She’s a girl who look in the mirror asks herself

Where’s your god when she’s screaming for help

She is a girl with million happy memories behind

But now burnt in flame of past ashes she can find

She’s a girl finding meaning of her existence

She’s a girl trying hoping looking for her senses

Got dazed by thoughts her mind goes whirl

Immense of fights she fought she’s a broken smiled girl

she’s a girl blubs on her pillow in the dark

she’s a girl with fragile heart with a scar on the mark

she’s a girl believed that some thing will last forever

like love written on the stars or firmly on the feather

she’s a girl lying top of her car looking to the moon

she’s stifling like on a height her she goes swirl

sitting in the corner hating the light she’s a broken smiled girl

all rights reserved by utzpicturesque

all rights reserved by utzpicturesque

Do you love me

My beat says m alive but I don’t feel like breathing

Try convincing myself the things that I don’t believe in

I don’t know how far it will go

To get in the world and hope so

I know m not the only one you got

But you’re only one who creeps whole day in my thought

I don’t know what would take me there

To get you close and hold you near

Am I afraid to show you or just wanna hide?

But there’s a voice that asks me inside



Do you love me , or its just m saying to myself?

Do you love me, or m finding some way that can help?

Do you love me, or treating like everyone else?

Do you really love me , or I should stop me by the quells ?



You say you are right , I was wrong ,even when I was fact side I said that you are right

Keep it in my heart let you win don’t wanna see beginning point of the fight

 I cant say what you really feel for me

But even the thought of seeing you with someone else put me in a misery

 There’s a riot deep inside my chest feels like burning hot

But this assumption in my heart wont let it explode



Do you love me, or keeping me in a zone?

Do you love me, or m crazy wildly checking my phone?

Do you love me, or I should’ve left my feeling where it started?

Do you really love me, or again I will be lying on the corner brokenhearted?


Be my light to guide me through the dark or just throw me on another end

Try to show me light of other side , care for me or just pretend

Even little one of you seems a lot to me 

If you keeping me specter close me eyes I don’t wanna see



Do you love me, or m in middle of nowhere?

Do you love me, or I keep on giving false hope of you to be here?

Do you love me, or m the fool in the crowd?

Do you really love me , or m stupidly loving u my beat out