वो है

मैं आग हूँ और आब वो है
बरसात मैं शादाब वो है
वो बस सी जाती है ज़ेहन मैं कभी
मैं नींद हु ओर ख्वाब वो है

लहर हो जैसे नीदिया की मैं हवा से उसमें चलता हूं
वो किनारो से गर बिछाडती है मैं रेत से उसमे मिलता हूँ

मैं आसमान हु परवाज़ वो है
मैं गर नज़्म सा तो साज़ वो है
वो ग़ज़ल से मुझको पढ़ती है
मैं लफ्ज़ हु आवाज़ वो है

मुख़्तसर सी बात पर मैं खिंचा खिंचा से जाता हूं
वो रात है कोई सर्दी की मैं उसे बिता बिता से जाता हूं

नदी सा मैं ओर साहिल वो है
मैं हल हु उसका मुश्किल वो है
मैं रास्ता हु अगर वो राह है
मैं मसफ़त ओर मंज़िल वो है

वो नमाज़ है मेरी सुबह की मैं अदा से उसको करता हु
वो आयात मेरी नवाज़िश की मैं श्लोक से उसको पढता हु

मैं सवाल हु और इजाज़त वो है
मैं इश्क़ हु ओर चाहत वो है
वो अज़ान सी सूफी है
मैं जो झुकूं तो इबादत वो है

वो उर्दू मेरी काफिये सी मैं शेर से उसको लिखता हूं
वो कोरे कागज़ सी गर पाक है मैं स्याही से उसमे दिखता हु

मैं इख्लास हु तो हयात वो है
मैं बात हु जस्बात वो है
चाह है कोई गर खुदा की
ज़रिया मैं मियाद वो है

वो दराखत सी रहती है वही मैं परिंदे से उसे तलाशता हु
वो किस्से से मुझको कहती है उसके लम्हो की दास्तान हु

ईमान मैं हु तो फ़र्ज़ वो है
मैं आज़ाद से ओर कर्ज़ वो है
घुल सी जाती है शराबों सी
मैं जीस्त हु ओर तर्ज़ वो है


Things to relate- crush

love is easy, falling in love is easier, crush is the easiest. Having a crush takes you to back in the childhood where you feel about even small stuff.

It’s absurd how a single person changes your life in a flash and gives you the reason to wake up every day. No commitments no names for the feel, no promises but you still feel like giving up the world for them, Getting up in the morning checking lots of different applications for the same profile takes you out the misery of the chaos and the loneliness.
Sitting in a coffee shop She was losing her mind over her loneliness . Asking the reason of wandering alone on empty streets . She asked herself the time she’ll finally be free in somebody’s arms swiftly she heard him sigh . Eyeing his face .they were looking at each other’s eyes , that ten second Gawk gave them – a thinking for night long and a poison for life long. those two cups of coffee, that two table, those two hearts, and one feel gave them dreams for nights and hope for days.

A smile of her gave him the essence of his days checking out her photographs, her eyes that shined bright in the light got his heart pounded little faster than it used to be. Reading out her comments and synergy from the guys made him feel little skeptical the feel that he never had.

She started accepting that the love and fate walked in from the same door, those long nights and longer chats attached the pieces of her shattered heart in past that she don’t even retrieve. It wasn’t like, that he was most important person in the world its just she didn’t care if he wasn’t, he became important to her in her own tiny world

The fact is it’s never easy, everything’s hard ,moving on is hard, falling is harder getting damaged is more, everybody’s gonna hurt you if you fall you just have to find out who’s gonna pick you when you fall and who’ll never let you down

those two cups of coffee, that two table, those two hearts, and one feel gave them dreams for nights and hope for days.

love is easy, falling in love is easier, crush is the easiest

broken smiled girl

She’s a girl who drove long eon with her feel-wounded heart

Everything she ever thought was right started to tear her apart

She’s a girl use to cry on Monday morning

Even spend her nights waiting for something

She’s a girl who needed to be hold needed to cry

She’s a girl staring at a picture till her tears go dry

Trying to live her way on I wanted her to burl

She got none else to say on she’s a broken smiled girl

She’s a girl who look in the mirror asks herself

Where’s your god when she’s screaming for help

She is a girl with million happy memories behind

But now burnt in flame of past ashes she can find

She’s a girl finding meaning of her existence

She’s a girl trying hoping looking for her senses

Got dazed by thoughts her mind goes whirl

Immense of fights she fought she’s a broken smiled girl

she’s a girl blubs on her pillow in the dark

she’s a girl with fragile heart with a scar on the mark

she’s a girl believed that some thing will last forever

like love written on the stars or firmly on the feather

she’s a girl lying top of her car looking to the moon

she’s stifling like on a height her she goes swirl

sitting in the corner hating the light she’s a broken smiled girl

all rights reserved by utzpicturesque

all rights reserved by utzpicturesque

Back in time

Let’s go back in time

When I was your word n you were my rhyme


The time when we were close enough

The time when I had a reason you had moments, the time that wasn’t so rough


It’s still flashing in front in a disguise through my veins to my eyes


The time where I had a pain n you felt the same

The time where I needed someone when my heart got maim


Let’s go back that place


Where all you cared about was me

Where you used to text me all night long when you missed and wanted to see


M in a boulevard walking on eon putting my hands on heart tapping on my phone


The place where I saw my paradise with your hand in mine

The place where I decided my being, you the only one made me fine


 Unlike moments we live today the feel changers

You act like you care the same but us more like known strangers


You don’t get what I’m thinking what I feel inside

You don’t search me no more but I still hide


On a hope that you will find me again love me the same like how I was n how I’m

Till then let’s go back in time

Forever and always

i look in to your eyes  n see the meaning of my life

feel my heartbeat through my voice

n feel the breeze that passes by

i put my head up the sky 

and love you till it die

if its a dream n my life is a lie dont wake me up n dont ask me why



dont ask me the meaning of my existence its surely would you

dont ask me why i was crazy at a glance i surely din want to

but still got mesmerize cant get out of the haze

i want you forever , forever and always



when i look you there 

nothing else so clear 

ua face all i see

 when you move your blow 

flowing so low i

make it go feel so free

the way you close my eyes

my heart take a million tries

 to take a breath 



dont ask me why my heart beating so fast its surely your touch feather

dont ask me whats gonna be in the last it surely you and me together

you got me hypnotize cant stop the gaze

i want you forever , forever and always



my breath just keep on jumping

my heart raise its pumping

when you come in front of my vision

my skin get lil raised up

from your touch n when you put yor face up

 my life running you are the only reason



dont ask me how i ll take your hand and take you to there

dont ask me when it will stop up the rain n bring up the nayer

you got me so arise

i cant take my eye from your face

i want you forever , forever and always

Darkness , light and stars

 was the greeny September the awful day

A leaf fell down n lead me the way

The place engraved on my heart lil too apart and lot too away

Breeze move along and the part of hay

You sitting next so on

And time that warn

 been a eon

the truth is now you’re gone


And I sit for a while

laying one the pile

looking really far

dreaming  in the darkness of lights n stars


Removing leather jacket you shivering with the cold

And you put it with the fold

I was big but not that old

Young but not that bold

Looking at your charm

Beneath that cuff a tattoo on my arm

Nut no one eva dose as you harm

Breaking my fantasy like banging on alarm


And a dream for a while

To make a reconcile  

But now its really dark

 Dreaming in the darkness of lights n stars


The stars neva shine as bright as you

Raised beat of my heart n breath left few

Eventually it got dried although I tried my winter dew

N left with no move to do

Still wait for your knock on the door

Your dreams the beautiful thing I adore

I pickup my broken pieces bleed up my disturbed creases n wait for more

In my heart those things got stored 


Even if I was vile

I would wait for your smile

But now it’s a bullet on my mark

M lost in the darkness of light and stars 

Your man

If you’re reading this and know its for you
When you close your eyes and see all new
Its me holding your hand
When you walk on streets that too all alone
When you calling him hes not picking the phone
You know its me i dont pretend

When you all messed up lost in your thoughts
And all the mini battles inside heart that you fought
Its me making you win all over
When you sitting in your room you hiding from the rain
You leave all the things behind and hiding your pain
I will be at your door holding flowers

And when you in and out your love but it turns out to hate
I cant help but wait
Cause i know
You’ve got a man . But he won’t understand
The chemistry between me and you
You’ve got a man . And you know that i can
Make you smile more beautiful than he can do

When you back Down there you fliping your mind
When you loose all the hope and forget that you one of a kind
I will be there make belive in feel
When you get wounded by the words
And leave all the worlds
I will be there getting you heals

When you lost in your dreams but wiping your tears
When you lost in the darks but feared in your fears
I will be there giving you my shoulder to cry
When you get away forget your attraction
When he can see your perfect imperfections
I will be there to make you feel finr I’ll try

And when you in and out your love but it turns out to hate
I cant help but wait
Cause i know
That you’ve got a man . But he won’t understand
What you really mean to me
You’ve got a man . And I’m just a friend
But how much you mean to me can’t you see