Things to relate- Friends

It’s not been a long time that I got in my heart
I remember the first time I saw you, you were lost in thoughts and I was lost in you…. You didn’t know me neither did I, you showed me who am I
I remember your face down on the floor, closing your eyes and I can’t look anymore. I don’t know how a glance of you got you in my veins through my eyes.
I remember the fear of sending you the request in the hope get me, make a place in your life if you let me. That fear, first text and smiling like a lunatic on the replies were so true to take my words , feel how I feel for you…..
I never waited for anything as much as I wait for the new picture of yours and reading and getting jealous of comments of other guys, I was never the same.
I hope you get the words I say, we talk on the phone night till the day you take my breathe away

I‘ve been thinking bout you lately I’ve been a Lil bit psycho Your words they come and get me thinking wherever I go Making cute little thoughts and dreaming of a better tomorrow Take my words I will kiss your stitch and take away your sorrows And every night when you close your eyes, i will make it sure you realise  You are one running back to those few year I never been perfect like I said you, how could I’ve ever been perfect just the reason I never had you Aint nothing got stuck in my head but you keep me smear coz I let you But girl I knew you like a love book a sweet description like I read you

In a nutshell , oh well i can’t say all I want you to stay, whatever I can’t say I write it in my rhyme, but not every time , sometimes it’s so much left to say, if every simple word I wrote for you takes your heart away, I write a song, it won’t take long, don’t ask why just try, to find your name , it’s always the one and same, it’s you in every way,
But its fine take a sign, I don’t wanna stay  this and won’t make you mine,
So pretend we are a couple, together in our time, taking all the trouble, is subtle.
But I know someday, I’ll find a way to say so we can be forever like two birds that flock together till the end
Till then I’ll chain myself to a friend


its crazy

its crazy how a person comes to your life and makes you discern that  how hollow can be your life be without a single person its crazy how you used to wish about never getting apart and as the life happens you hope that you could’ve said how you feel, at least once

its crazy, love is crazier, the breakup is even crazier than it seems worst when your relation had no name

one day she used to care, one day she professed she was afraid and he was constantly searching for the cause. it’s crazy that the one person he used to talk night till the morning  one day suddenly  moves on and only time crossed his mind was before he used to sleep those cuddles, those laughs those words that used to bring the best out of him, those cute little fights that made her quiver because of his care, one day tacked out to be the thing that made her cold.

she never recaptured believing just to move away, he was stopping her from leaving she didn’t even oh heck she wasn’t going to listen anyway. He begged holding her name because holding her hand never seemed right “last time, this won’t happen next time”  he cried, “there will be no next time,I regret, goodbye” that’s all she said as he gawked his life moving away. All her perfect imperfections flickered before him as he got his hands leeching blood while picking up broken pieces of his heart. His voice she never heard, his tears she never saw, her reasons, her silence made him sit hopelessly in the corner with the bleeding tears from his eyes. She was best for him, he always tried to suit her; he taught her to feel special ,she taught him that some people walk into your life to make you realize that your life won’t be the same once they walk away . Their relation never had a name but he always tried to give it a name.

It is fine all it takes open veins, your person is your word it’s just every poem doesn’t have to rhyme. it’s not necessary for a worthy to survive in every story in this he has to die in fire and flash of mindful ways, get away with the drug that her recollections gave him, in the hope that one day she will come again hoping and searching for him to place where it was all started.

its crazy, love is crazier, the breakup is even crazier than it seems worst when your relation had no name

broken pieces

I got something, something that I can’t hideI got something, something that I can’t hideSo if I’m in the darkness, darkness you bring the lightAll that I know is, I know it’s worth a fight If you ever need me, ever need me by my sideI will be like the story says, forever and always But I don’t wanna come between you and your manAnd if you ask me I can say I can Hold you whenever you feel low, in hope that someday you will know Get to your wishes fix your broken pieces When I was holding your shoulder, in the night that was little colder Get to your wishes fix your broken pieces
You know that we are, we are one of kind Its gonna take some, some time to re-align You never get off; you never get out of my mindWhen you feel lost then, then I will come and findI will be like the story says, forever and always But I done wanna come between you and your man And In the hope that you will understand Love you more that he can do, believe me, I say true With your love and your kisses fix your broken pieces Hug you in your right place, you get you out of maze With your love and your kisses fix your broken pieces

more than this

looking that time i see drinks of summer

dancing our hearts of girls on tremor

long rides on the bike and dream of hummer

you grooving on the air guitar and i was drummer

you been working out and your wait look slimmer

you got same dress on but you look killer

i go all down but you my beat filler

i try keep going away but you my heart stealer


but I won’t be the one you hold you in the dark

when you go drunk and you are falling apart

i won’t be the one hold you and kiss

i can love you more than this


i know you see me when you feeling down

thinking about me when you all alone

you dont need to say dont make a sound

though you wont say but i will be around

if you go lost out girl i will find

the type of guy you want i’ll be one of kind

dont you worry about your pas leave  it behind

and believe me girl you keep running on my mind


but i wont be the one to say you words

the one to cheer you up and sing the verse

i just wont give you things that you wish

i can love you more than this


when you go in the deep and you hold my hand

when you drunk text me that we more than friends

but the next morning you just pretend

im sure you check your words that you send ‘

but you dont need to confess what you said

you been always the best i ever had

you dont know the story i create to make you glad

but i know you remember they dont fade


but I won’t be the one with those cute little fights

and in the end who holds you tight

i just wont be the one to do things that you miss

i can love you more than this


No matter how many  candles I lit and burn its end
No matter how many times I bow so I couldn’t stand
No matter how many steps I climb up above I still feel the pain
I wanna know I wanna know
No matter how many pictures I go on and change
No matter how many words I say and feel too strange
No matter how many door I keep on knocking insane
What is to show what is to show
Bomb shells spread stains gunshots blood rains
Heads off   cut veins
Tell  me I’ll be still and take a knife
Or tell me I will kill to save a life
Crash shot kill…let it all burn your thoughts
Where’s your god where’s your god

No matter how many lie I tell myself to be fine
No matter how many bullets I take in side my mind
No matter how many they will kill that are of my kind
And break us apart break us apart

No matter how many season it will take to go
No matter how many religion it will burry down low
No matter how many reason we will wait to say them no
Then you call upon your god yeah you call upon your god

Shot me thought me kill me
They fought me
Tell me it will go to without a strife
Or I have to kill to save a life
Crash  shot kill…..let it all burn everything you got
Where’s your god where’s your god

Its all about who’s left not who’s right . they cut they shoot yeah this is fight
Attacks all they way from day to night . terror blood explosion on  the sight
Don’t wait for the god . so they can tear you apart . in the heart . they don’t have one . so you can save one . look inside . don’t hide. Its all by your side …….there’s your god


All she said

You won’t say what you feel
But you there surly my zeal
Memories they won’t go fade
“Its over” its just what she said

its your last text m reading… you leaving ….no stop it …you deceiving …. m holding your hand ….just pretend….. it won’t end …..won’t give up … m holding sand …..its slipping ….m weeping …..your words m keeping…..m crying all night You have no trouble sleeping…… you creeping….on my head….m bleeding on bed….you not even sad…… its last what you said ….. you said you love me….deeply .. ….m angry ….. you said you ll never leave me ……but wait its fine…… you one kind ….stop it we will leave it behind ….. listen you were my only …..m lonely ….. you told me …… m mourning ….on my worst morning ….. you coning ….i cant believe it… leave it…..i will pretend its a dream ….. its lot crazy as it seems …. baby stop this game … hearts on flame …..its lame …i know …..m frozen under snow ….. m low …i used to be higher…you my desire ….you were my fire… gas my igniter …. my match my lighter….but wait you burning my down….m around ….i just cant take a sound …..m ten feet under ground

Girl stop it dont push it through
I dont want to get away from you
Dont forget what we had
“Its over” is just what she said

his what happens when a fire meets me ice ….you lies ….my eyes…full of sorrow ….remember what You said “i will be with you day after tomorrow”….. to catch you when you fall….i cant take it all …. my soul… its empty…its yours come help me … tell are leaving no more you laying…. tell me baby you mine …..hold me….remember you told me … my forever And more … one I adore….the one i lived for… one i gave my arm for…..took the storm for ….. you were my pen …my paper…my poem…. my words….my feel… heal ….my zeal… reason to fly ….my reason to live for….for you i could die…….but this cant be right …. after all this fight …. hold me tight ….girl i need this ….i need you …..i dont want you to leaving …..girl listen to me fuck it …..i beg it…..dont fake it…Ypu love me dont You….you need me like I want you….but say ….i want you to stay ….hey…..stop if you can cause I know I cant…..i cant help but wait

broken smiled girl

She’s a girl who drove long eon with her feel-wounded heart

Everything she ever thought was right started to tear her apart

She’s a girl use to cry on Monday morning

Even spend her nights waiting for something

She’s a girl who needed to be hold needed to cry

She’s a girl staring at a picture till her tears go dry

Trying to live her way on I wanted her to burl

She got none else to say on she’s a broken smiled girl

She’s a girl who look in the mirror asks herself

Where’s your god when she’s screaming for help

She is a girl with million happy memories behind

But now burnt in flame of past ashes she can find

She’s a girl finding meaning of her existence

She’s a girl trying hoping looking for her senses

Got dazed by thoughts her mind goes whirl

Immense of fights she fought she’s a broken smiled girl

she’s a girl blubs on her pillow in the dark

she’s a girl with fragile heart with a scar on the mark

she’s a girl believed that some thing will last forever

like love written on the stars or firmly on the feather

she’s a girl lying top of her car looking to the moon

she’s stifling like on a height her she goes swirl

sitting in the corner hating the light she’s a broken smiled girl

all rights reserved by utzpicturesque

all rights reserved by utzpicturesque