Things to relate – last goodbye 

One last time before I go I wanna let you know that If you’re reading it is too late, too late to save  love, no religion that could’ve save me so for one last time read my words because you won’t see them again just to tell you that

I’m sorry  that I troubled with you my obsession

I’m sorry that I couldn’t control my tears when I saw you with spending time with your friends and not with me instead

I’m sorry that I waited like a fucking moron when you didn’t replied my messages or calls and acted like a lunatic when I got a single sign of yours 

I’m sorry cause I know it will never be the same still I kept on trying

I’m sorry that I called you when I was dead drunk and you were the only one I remembered 

I’m sorry that I sent you  dozens of texts messages when I know you don’t care anymore 

I’m sorry that I wrote those lots of words for you when I was missing you so much that it nearly killed me 

I’m sorry because I keep running to you because you the only one I can call mine , though I know I’m not the one you care about 

I’m sorry that I hope that someday you’ll realize my pain and come back holding me stopping me from leaving 

I’m sorry that I saw my future with you growing old and then dying with you but it won’t happen again 

I’m sorry because I love you 

But I  won’t repeat  again it won’t happen from now you won’t find me drunk texting you in the middle of a night, you won’t read my words calling you back , 

My mom, she’s not gonna find my eyes red and worry, ain’t gonna pretend to believe that I wasnt crying those sleepless night . Dad’s ain’t gonna worry about why I’ve been writing up those sad stuff and try to smile when everyone’s around

It wont happen anymore no more avoidance of sad songs no more feeling a little heart break when my friends gonna call your name . No more losing my heart on your smile. I’ve been bad I know that and got what I deserve it’s not necessary for me to survive in every tale , sometimes that’s all it takes to be free and free you

Life isn’t a movie you don’t get what you wish for , love doesn’t conqueres all. Fear that is something stops you for getting something new…. fear of opportunities , fear of love , fear of letting someone go never let’s you overcome yourself. Yours

 love or whatever it was it still flashes scares me one that i fear of, it suffocates me you fucking hate me and I can’t change it. Sometimes it’s better to choke yourself then letting someone else do it for you. I waited ….a lot…I was on my knees and pleading , with the wrist bleeding but you don’t even listen so fuck it , it stops me from breathing . 

I hoped for you to get me to make everything right again but it’s too late , I got what was meant but please, I don’t deserve to be forgotten, it is the hope that kept me going no surety but I’m left with none but only one I want that dont forget me completely , think of me when I’m gone but dont if you don’t want to….. just be happy as you are , I know you won’t cry you already did a lot of it and i already did a lot of me . But just promise me that you will think of me every time you hear the word love , everytime you look the sky , everytime you see my name, my word. I gave you all just take my words along the last one I wanna give it to you, they will be there for you with you in the places and situation I could never be , they will always be there for you I won’t . So until I can bear this place I will love you 

Things to relate – just friends

Maybe, it’s a crazy word beside it gives you hope it tears down your feel to fall for someone to be happy for small little moments it gives you a reason to love but it takes away your reason to find love.

Maybe you love me maybe you just fake, maybe be we are made for each other, maybe we are solicited to do this forever. One day you use to care one day you don’t, one day I feel like you feel for me too, one day it’s just some worthless little flirting. We live in the world of uncertainties maybe it’s arduous to fall in love maybe it’s the slightest thing but it sucks when you love someone who doesn’t love you back. We are friends, maybe the best ones, but friends. Maybe it’s crazy how I person I didn’t know some times back suddenly tops my chat lists every time, maybe that never happens

Maybe you don’t feel to me like the way I do, Maybe you feel the same but for someone else.Maybe if I wait, or I say you, you’ll prefer me , but again I want to become a priority in your life, not a choice. Maybe should say it to you so it does not get too late, but maybe it’s too early, but what happens if the right time never comes. Maybe this gonna take forever. Those words I never wrote for you, those feel I never shared are broken down on me scrawled all over my heart my poetry …poetry I never wrote sometimes it’s too late. Stuck in my own chaos I always saw a light of hope when I close my eyes, I see you. Do you know how it feels to have a person who can wait for you like forever, who’s gonna be there for you no matter what, who can go through anything just to see a little chance to be with you? even if you do, do you see me there, but it’s fine my feel for you is not a question I don’t look for an answer just a hope that someday you’ll know, someday you’ll see, what you really mean to me.

It’s a messed up life we live in those crazy moments where you don’t know what’s life gonna get you. Maybe you’ll never feel for me, maybe at a certain point you’ll do maybe unknowingly, maybe together, maybe at a sided, maybe forever, maybe temporary, maybe fake,maybe true….maybe too late. Maybe, it’s not a word as crazy as it seems it gives you the possibility, and there’s possibility that keeps us going not the guarantee

Weed for the dreams

taking these two pills, my pupils – expanded. my true feels are grounded

new feels are founded . some few feels are wounded

so view feels , surrounded . some too feels are, bounded

so roll it , lick it, hold it, make a fold, dude . Are you stoned don’t you recall what I told, dude

don’t let it spread just hold, dude. Do it quick don’t growl dude , you old dude

forget, I’m overlooking the old one gonna take a new pain, something to bring me back to sane, whatever you heard can be true man, I feel like I’m drenched its COCAIN, not rain, I’m insane

So smack it, don’t heck, take it ,don’t fake it. It’s gonna be crazier streams

Take a weed for the dreams


I was never a type of kid who kept running away  to get the light, although messed up eternally chased up in the fight,

can’t choose between when I’m fucked up I know I’m broken up and what’s its height. just used to wake up in the faith that it will go away and it will be all right

so take my shoe go take a walk you won’t get it what hurts so bad, if you can see, it’s a riot inside from my words and what I said , it’s a fire burning I keep on turning from what I have and what I had, even if I was sitting and seeing myself bleed still I won’t be sad

so take a hand lets pretend life isn’t full of fear, we ain’t tied up in emotions at the end of a tear, whatever you’ve done you’ll get all here, it takes the whole life to die nothing is near

let’s pretend whatever they say is true, you control yourself, your owner is you, you get whatever you love it’s your virtue, it’s funny, let the time come when you have no money, you are not only the new .

so lastly I was trapped in a dome, I was leaving my home, told my dad that I’m grown, I will live all alone, ill go smoke some weed and get stoned, don’t you worry mom I’ll give you a phone, my girl I won’t let you mourn

but the web of lies I told won’t let me be, it won’t let me see, so clearly, smacking one shot isn’t my only USP. Some crazier streams

A weed for the dreams


If you guess you know my story, that ruin wild and hoary, no wait I wanna seek my glory, it won’t make me sorry , don’t you worry

they say everyone’s beautiful, but fuck off ‘truth’, you ain’t. what you want from me, to be a saint? no, I’m a sinner maybe for a past I won’t lose I’m a winner, in the course, sand is thinner, but wait to serve me revenge in the dinner.

so put a needle above my elbow it’s my dosage, it’s a gross age, no ways is high on the life, its poison, from the sky to the horizon, causes wrath, more than a meth, but the aftermath, give me a reason, so I can face it alone, all my name on the tears, when  I’m gone

it’s gonna take some time to realign, one day it’s gonna be fine, away from these crazy streams

a weed for the dreams

Its never a goodbye

Till the time you walk away i want to say
The time i remember your face was when you walked towards me smiling at your best . The time when you creeped on mind . Time i was constantly praying myself to get you out of my brain . But it never happend you never get out of me . time between your travelling from my brain to my heart made you drug to me .the sweetest drug i ever had .like the air i breathe . the reason of my being. The word that I’m looking when I try to describe myself and how I feel inside is you
I never got that shot of thought that unknowingly thinking about you will get you stuck in my brain . All your touch your feel , still feels the same on me . The best thing that suited on me was you . When you hold my hand the exchange of heat gets me on my nerves everytime . Everytime I’m with you the more you are into me .  When I’m with you i cant sleep . When im not your thoughts dont let me sleep . M turning out to be a insomniac .m a lunatic you make me sick . The truly one who gets me crazy
But even the thought of letting you go. Seeing you with someone else make me numb a little . It makes my skip my beat . Pause my breathe . I’m whole lot a selfish you know . I want you. Whole of you. With me . For me. Every time . All day . Everywhere. Whole life . Forever .always. and beyond . To the goods and my best . Through the days beautiful as you or the nights ugly as mine when m here without you. I need you . You care for me . Maybe not the most . Maybe as a friend . Maybe a little . Maybe little or you pretend but you do . Thats enough for me . I cant share it . I dont always say it. My words dont always use my voive to escape . I wait . Wait for the say you will look me in the eyes and get your answer and i . I will get my remedy …… And I’ll come across everytime you’ll think those words those kisses those hellos and byes you cant leave me one day you’ll find yourself drunk texting me but o wont act like you i will be there waiting at that turn….  its never a goodbye

No matter how many  candles I lit and burn its end
No matter how many times I bow so I couldn’t stand
No matter how many steps I climb up above I still feel the pain
I wanna know I wanna know
No matter how many pictures I go on and change
No matter how many words I say and feel too strange
No matter how many door I keep on knocking insane
What is to show what is to show
Bomb shells spread stains gunshots blood rains
Heads off   cut veins
Tell  me I’ll be still and take a knife
Or tell me I will kill to save a life
Crash shot kill…let it all burn your thoughts
Where’s your god where’s your god

No matter how many lie I tell myself to be fine
No matter how many bullets I take in side my mind
No matter how many they will kill that are of my kind
And break us apart break us apart

No matter how many season it will take to go
No matter how many religion it will burry down low
No matter how many reason we will wait to say them no
Then you call upon your god yeah you call upon your god

Shot me thought me kill me
They fought me
Tell me it will go to without a strife
Or I have to kill to save a life
Crash  shot kill…..let it all burn everything you got
Where’s your god where’s your god

Its all about who’s left not who’s right . they cut they shoot yeah this is fight
Attacks all they way from day to night . terror blood explosion on  the sight
Don’t wait for the god . so they can tear you apart . in the heart . they don’t have one . so you can save one . look inside . don’t hide. Its all by your side …….there’s your god


All she said

You won’t say what you feel
But you there surly my zeal
Memories they won’t go fade
“Its over” its just what she said

its your last text m reading… you leaving ….no stop it …you deceiving …. m holding your hand ….just pretend….. it won’t end …..won’t give up … m holding sand …..its slipping ….m weeping …..your words m keeping…..m crying all night You have no trouble sleeping…… you creeping….on my head….m bleeding on bed….you not even sad…… its last what you said ….. you said you love me….deeply .. ….m angry ….. you said you ll never leave me ……but wait its fine…… you one kind ….stop it we will leave it behind ….. listen you were my only …..m lonely ….. you told me …… m mourning ….on my worst morning ….. you coning ….i cant believe it… leave it…..i will pretend its a dream ….. its lot crazy as it seems …. baby stop this game … hearts on flame …..its lame …i know …..m frozen under snow ….. m low …i used to be higher…you my desire ….you were my fire… gas my igniter …. my match my lighter….but wait you burning my down….m around ….i just cant take a sound …..m ten feet under ground

Girl stop it dont push it through
I dont want to get away from you
Dont forget what we had
“Its over” is just what she said

his what happens when a fire meets me ice ….you lies ….my eyes…full of sorrow ….remember what You said “i will be with you day after tomorrow”….. to catch you when you fall….i cant take it all …. my soul… its empty…its yours come help me … tell are leaving no more you laying…. tell me baby you mine …..hold me….remember you told me … my forever And more … one I adore….the one i lived for… one i gave my arm for…..took the storm for ….. you were my pen …my paper…my poem…. my words….my feel… heal ….my zeal… reason to fly ….my reason to live for….for you i could die…….but this cant be right …. after all this fight …. hold me tight ….girl i need this ….i need you …..i dont want you to leaving …..girl listen to me fuck it …..i beg it…..dont fake it…Ypu love me dont You….you need me like I want you….but say ….i want you to stay ….hey…..stop if you can cause I know I cant…..i cant help but wait

I don’t care

Its 6 on the clock m getting in bed
While everybody gets up
Getting high on the weed thinking what i had
Now that it feels rough
My head full of weed my hands full of beens
M trying get over my bed full of seeds 
And myself a question
Its been a really fucked up scene
M loosing my mind and my girlfriend went ducking on me
I dont care , m blazed on my bong
Like m on air , m high on my song
Drunk on beer , but now baby i dont care

You took my money took mt life been my honey and i had a strife
Its keeps on turning baby not so right m on firefight its on my sight
You took my time been my crime cool like Ice nice as dime wind and chime
Now My nursery rhyme .like twinkle twinkle little star . M touching it from a bar
M up above the world so high. My smoking kush touching the sky .
So its done you were one
M going over you m fliping out my turn
N if you ring my phone on my own m like a rolling stone m lone but m grown
M too frown m flying on my dron my horn even if you blow me on my droid bot And kiss me on my i phone in zone my green zone … do you ever miss me you do even kiss me on textes reflexes maxes m relaxes hacks it breaks as make as m out of mind you one of kind now i won’t find you  but tough luck you duck you oh bae fuck you

I dont care , m high on my drink
Make it clear , now not as you think
My lens flare , but baby i dont care


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