One more joint

One more joint , so i can get up to the point
And one more joint , So i carry on my roin
One more joint , and get ill be back to my mind
And one more joint , so i can be a little kind

One more joint
so i cant hit a bong And feel my life is song
Everyone can come along and feel so right doing wrong
One more joint
So i can smoke tow more , before some cops hit the door
And so i can adore are you feeling somewhat sore
Come give it up some blow and if you feeling low
Smoke Three in a row , take one for the money and two for the show
The garden full of green , its is crazy as it seems but have you ever been
In the box thats so clean
Come roll your joint with a bend get fucked up and pass to friend
Ask him to smoke till the end , inhale dont pretend , Smoke that it grand
Smoke the kush touch the airplane , take a trip on a slow lane , dreched in a weed rain
Keep your mind refrain , its  insane , blow your pain , out from the window pane
One more joint , so i can get up to the point
And one more joint , So i carry on my roin

One more joint
Ok i got some stuff Surprise motherfucker , you can buy if you want supplies motherfucker
Or get down with your stuff some fries motherfucker , with the bong and song allrise motherfucker
One more joint
Buy your drinks whatever you need , your own plant your own seed , follow the smoke trail whereever it leads , or the roches where ever the meet , Smile all along smoke your weed ,and inside hope a motherfucker bleed
So smoking smoking up to the star , till we forget what we are , up above the world so high , Like the stars in the sky , take my rhyme i dont lie , Unicorns passing by , like imma gonna die , dont ask me why
One more joint , so i can get up to the point
And one more joint , So i carry on my roin

broken smiled girl

She’s a girl who drove long eon with her feel-wounded heart

Everything she ever thought was right started to tear her apart

She’s a girl use to cry on Monday morning

Even spend her nights waiting for something

She’s a girl who needed to be hold needed to cry

She’s a girl staring at a picture till her tears go dry

Trying to live her way on I wanted her to burl

She got none else to say on she’s a broken smiled girl

She’s a girl who look in the mirror asks herself

Where’s your god when she’s screaming for help

She is a girl with million happy memories behind

But now burnt in flame of past ashes she can find

She’s a girl finding meaning of her existence

She’s a girl trying hoping looking for her senses

Got dazed by thoughts her mind goes whirl

Immense of fights she fought she’s a broken smiled girl

she’s a girl blubs on her pillow in the dark

she’s a girl with fragile heart with a scar on the mark

she’s a girl believed that some thing will last forever

like love written on the stars or firmly on the feather

she’s a girl lying top of her car looking to the moon

she’s stifling like on a height her she goes swirl

sitting in the corner hating the light she’s a broken smiled girl

all rights reserved by utzpicturesque

all rights reserved by utzpicturesque

Just a friend

I remember a thing that you are my zeal 
Tried giving a hint for my feel 
In the fear of letting you go 
I pulled it from heart m searching for heals 
You corrected me to the time I was wrong 
Danced on the beats of our favorite song 
But the time you were holding my hand 
Though I was feeler I had to be strong 

Lets just share your shoes you get in mine 
To know how badly I want you n more 
So here m thinking of you makes me go insane 
I keep on trying and I know we can’t make it till the end 
You will slip away n leave I ll be lone again 
I want you here to stay but m just a friend 

Even in shades of time i ll be there to catch at your fall
I know you won’t find my name you won’t notice at all 
I know you too care or pretend 
But show me that big or the small 
I would take a walk a long to see you smile 
Grove like a loony with you through miles 
I know for you its not a big deal 
But you really mean a world to me I won’t show guile 

So here’s my heart out for you just search for a sign 
You the only one I adore 
Without you I won’t look to my phone again 
You make me what I m, my heart beat will go Lil faint 
To keep you close With you I wanna make a chain 
I want you here to stay, but m just a friend


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